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    We believe that you should be in complete control of how you prepare for the MCAT, which is why we offer several options for bringing your MCAT prep to the next level. While other companies will charge you $1999 upfront for their online prep course, our pro version starts at just $9! Add on as much or as little as you like because at MCAT Self Prep, you are in charge.

    And our Deluxe Pro Plan gives you double the value for 6-times less the expense! Other companies charge $1999 for their online course, $1499 for their medical school application course, $2099 for their strategy course, and $999 for their CARS course. Added up, that's over $6000. Our Deluxe Pro Plan includes all of this and more for under one thousand dollars -- just $999!

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      "I would highly recommend Andrew over ANY prep course – you will get personalized assistance and someone that really wants to see you do your best!"

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      "If anyone is planning on taking the MCAT, I recommend using MCAT Self Prep; it has awesome resources and tutors who go above and beyond for you."

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