Create-your-own Study Plan Course

Creating a Successful Study Plan using a Proven Step-by-step Process

    • Step 1: Diagnostic Exam

      The course starts by having you take a diagnostic exam composed of practice questions from the AAMC, the writers of the actual MCAT.

    • Step 2: Goal Setting

      Based on the score you get on the diagnostic exam and the level of medical schools you are aiming for, we'll help you set an ambitious yet completely realistic goal score.

    • Step 3: Action Items

      Using both your diagnostic score and your goal score, we will help you determine what to study in order to make the needed improvements.

    • Step 4: Timeline Generation

      With the action items in mind, we will help you plan this into a schedule that is both structured yet customizable and adjustable over time.

    • Step 5: Progress Tracking

      Not only do our study tools allow you to track your progress, but they will also help you decide how to adjust your studying based on the improvements you are making.

    • Step 6: Goal Achievement

      Because the study plan you create is based on principles that lead to MCAT success, following it with diligence will result in achieving your goal.

Advanced Study Tools

The Create-your-own Study Plan Course comes with premium study tools such as our Create-your-own Study Plan Spreadsheet, which will keep you organized and on track towards reaching your goal.

Welcome to my Create-your-own Study Plan Course

  • Andrew has successfully led several of his students to achieve 100th percentile MCAT scores. He leads the MCAT Self Prep Tutoring Team and has worked one-on-one with hundreds of students. He also has vast experience as a professional practice question writer and analyst for the MCAT and DAT exams.

"There is tons of MCAT advice on the internet with most of it coming from students who scored extremely well on this exam. Many of these students publish the study plan they used, suggesting that if anyone simply follows their plan, they too can get the same score. The problem with this type of thinking is that every student is 100-percent unique. Through working one-on-one with hundreds of pre-meds, I've seen time and time again that a study plan that works for one student will not always work for another. When I help my students create a study plan, I take into account every personal factor possible: their educational background, starting diagnostic score, goal medical schools, GPA, outside commitments, etc. Only once I've come to understand these factors am I able to help that student generate a plan that will work. After seeing this process work with student after student, I put together this course. It follows the exact step-by-step methodology that I use with all my private tutoring students to help them achieve success. I am confident it will do the same for you."

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Course Outline

  • Proven Step-by-step Process

    The course contains 5 detailed lessons that walk you through a step-by-step process to creating a study plan proven to lead to MCAT success.

  • Clear Video Walkthroughs

    Throughout the course, Head Tutor Andrew will visually walk you through creating and individualizing your study plan.

  • Premier Study Tools

    This course provides instant and full access to MCAT Self Prep's Study Plan Spreadsheet, Score Tracker, and Study Portal.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Or your money back.

    I believe in this course 100% because everything I teach is based on a solid foundation of research. I've seen it work for my students, and I am confident it will work for you too. And if you're unsatisfied for any reason within 7 days, I'll give you 100% of your money-back, guaranteed. Why? Because I stand behind what I teach 100%.


The Create-your-own Study Plan Course is available as part of MCAT Self Prep's Basic Pro Plan for just $19.99!

  • Basic Pro
    $ 19.99
    • Our MCAT Video Collection, which covers ALL the MCAT topics as listed by the AAMC.
    • All ten content modules (Biology I, Physics II, etc) as well as MCAT Bootcamp with customization.
    • Create-your-own Study Plan Course, which includes our Create-your-own Study Plan Spreadsheet, Study Portal, and Score Tracker.
    • Ad-free studying experience.
    • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Want help with more than just your study plan?

Our Deluxe Pro Plan includes access to the Create-your-own Study Plan Course plus every other mastery course and product on our site, including our 5,000+ Quizlet Flashcard Collection, Ultimate CARS Strategy Course, Science Passage Reading Strategy Course, and Medical School Application Course. Separately, these courses would cost you over $2,500. Bundled as part of the Deluxe Pro Plan, however, you can have it all for just $1999.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan is right for me?

If you are not sure which plan is right for you, simply request a free consultation with Andrew and he will point you in the right direction. He’s worked with hundreds of students and knows what you’ll need to achieve your goal in your unique situation.

Who should sign up for this course?

The Create-your-own Study Plan Course is perfect for any student looking for a customized game plan. It is highly recommend for every student getting started with MCAT Self Prep. Whether you just started studying or have already been studying for an extended period of time, this course will help you.

What comes with my purchase of this course?

The Create-your-own Study Plan Course comes with all of the following as part of our Basic Pro Plan:

  • Full access to the Create-your-own Study Plan Course

  • Create-your-own Study Plan Spreadsheet (plus Score Tracker)

  • MCAT Self Prep Study Portal

  • Our MCAT Video Collection, which covers ALL the MCAT topics as listed by the AAMC

  • All ten content modules (Biology I, Physics II, etc) as well as MCAT Bootcamp with customization

  • Ad-free studying experience

If I start with the Basic or Advanced Pro Plan first, will you reimburse me when I upgrade to the Deluxe Pro Plan later?

Yes! We are big believers in “try before you buy.” As soon as you sign up for either the Basic or the Advanced Pro Plans, we will provide you with a discount for the higher-tier plans equal to the value of your purchase. For instance, if you start with the Basic Pro for $19.99, you will automatically receive a $19.99 credit towards your purchase of the Advanced or Deluxe Pro Plans. If you start with the Advanced Pro Plan for $199.99, you will get a $199.99 credit towards your purchase of the Deluxe Pro Plan.

How is this course structured?

This course is organized into 5 simple lessons:

  1. A Study Plan Just for You. This first lesson will provide you with a detailed overview of the course.

  2. Taking Your First Diagnostic Exam. In this lesson, you will take a diagnostic exam composed of official practice questions from the AAMC. This will give you a solid idea of where you are starting from.

  3. Setting Your MCAT Goal. Using the score you achieved on the diagnostic exam and a knowledge of which medical schools you are aiming for, I will help you set an appropriate goal MCAT score.

  4. Making Your Study Schedule. Using the Study Plan Spreadsheet, I will help you determine how many total hours you will need to study in order to achieve your goal. We will then organize those study hours into a detailed timeline.

  5. Carefully Reviewing Your First Diagnostic Exam. I will provide you with a step-by-step exam review procedure that you should use every time you review a practice exam. After this lesson, you will be completely ready to start following your study plan to MCAT success! 🙂

How long will this course take to complete?

In total, this course can be completed in less than 5 hours. The diagnostic exam will require two hours to take and two hours to review, while the course itself should take no more than an hour to complete.

Why should I upgrade from the Free Forever Plan to the Basic Pro Plan?

While the Free Forever Plan comes with full access to all of our content modules, it does not provide guidance in terms of how to work your way through these modules. Students who succeed on the MCAT focus on overcoming their weaknesses, and the Basic Pro Plan helps you do exactly that. It will help you know how to approach the topics that are harder for you compared to the topics that are easier for you. It will help allow you to track your scaled MCAT score in each of the four sections of the exam every step of the way, allowing you to modulate your studying based on your current performance. Finally, it will help you stay organized and visualize your progress towards your goal. If you are planning on utilizing the MCAT Self Prep program, at the very least, we’d recommend upgrading to the Basic Pro Plan for just $19.99.

When will my access expire?

All our products are a one-time payment for lifetime access. 🙂 While other test prep companies have strict expiration dates for all of their plans and programs, we do not believe that is fair to you. You deserve to be able to access what you purchased until you have taken the MCAT and are satisfied with your score.

Does this course include one-on-one assistance?

This course will walk you through the exact step-by-step process I use to help my private tutoring students create a study plan. The majority of students who carefully complete this course will end up with the same exact study plan I would have helped them create in a one-on-one setting. If you have an extremely complicated situation, have taken the MCAT multiple times, or are otherwise interested in one-on-one assistance, however, we’d highly recommend for you to sign up for an affordable tutoring package with one of our Elite Tutors. When you sign up for private tutoring, you’ll get free and full access to the Basic Pro Plan. This way, you’ll be able to create your own study plan using the Create-your-own Study Plan Course and then have the opportunity to look over the study plan you created with your tutor who can help you customize it even more to meet your unique needs.

What outside materials will I need in order to complete this course?

We focus 100-percent on preparing you to conquer the actual MCAT, which is why we build all our courses around the materials produced by the writers of the exam, the AAMC. For this reason, for the diagnostic that you will take during this course we’d recommend using the AAMC’s Official Guide Questions (purchasable from the AAMC for just $10). If you’d rather not use these official practice problems, however, we will also provide you with a link to a free diagnostic exam that you can take advantage of instead.

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