Behavioral Science Booster Course



The full version of this course will give you access to an editable 100-page Google Doc PLUS our fun, effective, and organized Quizlet sets, which include every single term and definition. This allows you to bring your learning to a higher level through interactive learning activities such as flashcards, matching games, and quizzes. Your learning will become more enjoyable and your mastery of the material will skyrocket. Best of all, you can practice on the go using the Quizlet App. Learning has never been so much fun!

“Wow, this course took the best resource (Khan Academy – the only AAMC endorsed prep material) and gave us another way to study it more actively! I literally was about to do the exact same thing, transcribing all the videos and making flashcards, but they have done all the hard work already. Looking forward to studying this material in a new way!” – Lara

“Choosing the right materials to use is difficult, but this is EVERYTHING I need! the definitions are short and simple plus practice. AMAZING!” – Stephanie

MCAT Launchpad Required!

Before jumping into our free eCourse, you’ll need to complete orientation by watching MCAT Launchpad. During this free 35-minute intro session with Head Tutor Andrew, you’ll learn 6 Keys to Earning a Top MCAT Score, the 5 Essential Elements of an Effective Study Plan, 12 Tips for Taking the Best MCAT Study Notes, and more! Andrew will also provide you with a detailed overview of the Free MCAT Prep Course, teaching you how to get started.

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