Amino Acid Mastery Course

The MCAT loves to test your understanding of the amino acids, and many students who have taken the 2015 MCAT have reported that questions about amino acids came up over and over again. The difference between knowing and not knowing your amino acids may be the difference between scoring a 510 and a 515 on test day. Knowing these biomolecules inside and out is key to getting a top MCAT score. Getting a clear understanding of amino acids can be difficult because every resource will tell you something different, but my mastery course gets straight to the point, telling you exactly what to memorize without wasting your time on petty details.
If I could tell you to know one topic, and one topic only, it would be to know everything about amino acids. They will be on your test. 100%. Guaranteed.

99th Percentile Scorer


Complete Package

You will quickly master the 1-letter abbreviations, 3-letter abbreviations, structures, and key properties of all 20 Amino Acids.

On-the-go Studying

This course is structured as a Quizlet notecard set that you can access online or on the go using your smart phone.

High-level Practice

The course finishes with 15 extremely challenging practice questions that will ensure you’ve mastered everything you need to know.


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Andrew’s Amino Acid Mastery Course

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Andrew’s Amino Acid Mastery Course

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