Science Passage Reading Strategy Course

Some companies may try and sell you on the idea that the MCAT is 100-percent strategy and that if you simply learn their little “tricks” you will score a perfect 528. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Succeeding on the MCAT requires 100-percent of the content and 100-percent of the strategies. If you don’t know the content, there is no way you will ever be able to critically think about it or understand passages that reference it. If you know the content, but can’t critically think, you will also fail to succeed. Both strategy and content are essential to MCAT success.

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This Course Tackles the MCAT from Both Sides


This course will teach you 10 key science passage reading strategies. Each strategy is proven to improve your reading abilities and is taught thoroughly in a research-based manner that includes written instruction, video walkthroughs of actual MCAT passages, and detailed homework assignments.


This course focuses on the most important MCAT content — the content that will earn you points on the research-based science sections. With this aim, we’ve put together video playlists that teach all 100+ research techniques that you must know in order to succeed on test day.

A Research-based Approach

Everything I teach in this course is based on the most up-to-date research on how to become a Good Reader, which suggests that you can become a Good Reader through learning comprehension strategies. Research shows that the best way to learn these strategies is through the following:

Direct Explanation

Each of the 10 Strategy Modules in this course includes a typed explanation of the comprehension strategy, in which I teach you what the strategy is, why it is important, and when you should use it.

Teacher Modeling

After the written description of the strategy, you will find a 30-60 minute video in which I apply the comprehension strategy to an actual CARS passage. You will see how I use it in the proper context, allowing you to truly gain an understanding for the what, how, when, and why of the strategy. You will see that specific reading comprehension strategies can make something that is very confusing become completely understandable. Due to my current demand for private tutoring, live sessions with me cost hundreds of dollars, but you can have access to ten of these Virtual Video Sessions for the price of one as part of this course.

Guided Practice and Application

As part of each Strategy Module, I will assign you homework that will help you apply the strategy until it becomes second-nature. While many students waste their precious CARS study time on poorly-written non-AAMC CARS questions, I’ll show you how to gain access to over 1,000 free CARS passages and center your studying around reading those. Doing these homework assignments will give you the opportunity to apply the comprehension strategies until they become second-nature, transforming you into a Good Reader. There are three types of homework assignments:

  1. Personal Practice
  2. Study Buddy Sessions
  3. Private Tutoring Sessions
MCAT Study Schedule

Personal Practice

At the end of each lesson, you will be provided with a variety of homework assignments to complete on your own. Instead of just telling you to “read for X amount of time,” you will be provided with detailed instructions for what to do as you read actual CARS passages. These assignments will push you to apply the strategies you are learning until they become second-nature.
MCAT Study Schedule

Study Buddy Sessions

Research shows that reading with someone else greatly enhances your ability to learn comprehension strategies. When you can see someone else applying the strategy that you are learning, you begin to see how you should be implementing that strategy. Because there is so much that you can learn from reading with other students, you will be assigned specific homework to complete with a study buddy. And members of the Ultimate CARS Strategy Course are able to work with other students who are also using this course through our CARS-exclusive Facebook Study Group.

MCAT Prep Course - Best MCAT Prep Course Free - MCAT Tutor

Private Tutoring Sessions

Countless studies make it clear that 1:1 tutoring is the very best way to become a better reader. CARS books think that you can simply read about a strategy to learn it. Other CARS courses think you can learn about strategies in a large-group setting. Current research shows that this is not effective. To truly become a better reader, the strategy should be learned in a one-on-one environment. Our Elite Tutors scored in the 97th percentile or higher on the MCAT, and they can show you how to apply the strategies in your unique situation.

Bonus Features

When you sign up for my Science Passage Reading Strategy Course you’ll gain exclusive access to MCAT Self Prep’s Science Passage Mistake Analyzer

Proven Strategies that Work!


“I would highly recommend Andrew over ANY prep course – you will get personalized assistance and someone that really wants to see you do your best!” Read more.


“If anyone is planning on taking the MCAT, I recommend using MCAT Self Prep; it has awesome resources and tutors who go above and beyond for you.” Read more.

MCAT Prep Course - Best MCAT Prep Course Free - MCAT Tutor


“Andrew was a great mentor in assisting me throughout my MCAT preparation journey. His program has everything laid out for you, with modules covering the must-knows as well as guided instructions on how to utilize the Section banks to make practice exams best. Furthermore, he has a very welcoming personality, and was very good with explaining concepts or certain things I did not fully grasp/understand. Overall, my score improved to a 516, and with Andrew’s extra tips, I was able to go into the test with confidence. Overall, I highly recommend any MCAT student to go about studying with Andrew’s course and assistance.”
MCAT Prep Course - Best MCAT Prep Course Free - MCAT Tutor


“Andrew walked me through passages in a very clear manner, dumbing down convoluted passages into easily-digestible, bite-sized pieces. On test day my mind wavered due to nervousness, but the principles he taught me grounded me, and I felt successful at the end of the test, achieving a 513 overall!

MCAT Prep Course - Best MCAT Prep Course Free - MCAT Tutor


“Before meeting Andrew, I spent an entire summer studying on a daily basis following Kaplan’s approach only to end up with the same score on my MCAT as I had on my diagnostic. As soon as I started working with Andrew, I saw my score increase. Andrew’s approach to studying has been the most beneficial, in my opinion. He has helped me focus my attention on the areas that I can improve in, showed me what resources I should be using, and provided tips that I can use to tackle some of my biggest weaknesses. Andrew also shares his own exam techniques, such as how to approach each type of passage which is really helpful. He is also extremely charismatic and optimistic, which I feel every student studying for the MCAT needs. He was always there to reassure me and adjust my study plan according to my current scores. Through Andrew’s program, I was able to boost my original score of a 508 to a 521 on my final AAMC practice exam. I would definitely recommend MCAT Self Prep and Andrew to any friend!”

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“Unlike past prep companies and tutors I have had, Andrew really understands what it takes to do well on this test. He will not feed you bogus strategies, and he really understands how to make the best use of your time while studying.”

MCAT Prep Course - Best MCAT Prep Course Free - MCAT Tutor


“My biggest problem on MCAT science passages was sifting through the complex experiments, abbreviations, and other scientific jargon that I was unfamiliar with prior to reading the passage. Andrew’s Science Reading Strategy Course really simplified this process and helped me break down passages into manageable material. It is so easy to be overwhelmed with these passages, but through this course I learned to slow down and focus on the important information. Andrew’s breakdown of specific difficult passages also provided a realistic and applicable example of how I can process these passages in review. This course is definitely a big help to anyone who struggles with science passages! Using MCAT Self Prep and Andrew as a tutor, I was able to improve from a 496 on my initial diagnostic to a 514 on test day!

MCAT Prep Course - Best MCAT Prep Course Free - MCAT Tutor


“The Science Passage Reading Strategy Course is the best strategy course I’ve encountered. It provides the only prospective I want to spend my time on. Andrew describes his strategies on exam day, and he walks you through many passages, showing you his step-by-step process. Science passages are the most difficult for me, but after learning his strategies, much simpler.

Your Score Will Improve. Guaranteed.

I believe in this course 100% because everything I teach is based on a solid foundation of research. I’ve seen it work for my students, and I am confident it will work for you too. I know that if you follow it, your CARS score will improve. And if it doesn’t, I’ll give you 100% of your money-back, guaranteed. What’s more, if you’re unsatisfied for any reason within 30 days, I promise to give you all of your money back. Why? Because I stand behind what I teach 100%.

Start Now, Pay Later

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Other premium strategy courses out there cost as much as $1,450 and fail to include any one-on-one instruction. In comparison, access to our course costs 2x less and includes affordable Elite Tutoring add-on options starting at less than $150 per session. We pride ourselves in offering the very best prep for the very best price.

MCAT Prep Course - Best MCAT Prep Course Free - MCAT Tutor

Science Passage Reading Strategy Course


Access to 1,000+ Science Passages ($500 Value)

10 Video Walkthroughs with Head Tutor Andrew George ($4,499.90 value)

All ten content modules (Biology I, Physics II, etc) as well as MCAT Bootcamp with customization.

Full MCAT Video Collection, which covers ALL the MCAT topics as listed by the AAMC.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Want help with more than just science passages?

Our Deluxe Pro Plan includes access to the Science Passage Reading Strategy Course plus every other mastery course and product on our site, including our Create-your-own Study Plan Course Practice Question Bank, Ultimate CARS Strategy Course, and Medical School Application Course. Separately, these courses would cost you over $2,500. Bundled as part of the Deluxe Pro Plan, however, you can have it all for just $1,999.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan is right for me?

If you are not sure which plan is right for you, simply request a free consultation with Andrew and he will point you in the right direction. He’s worked with hundreds of students and knows what you’ll need to achieve your goal in your unique situation.

Who should sign up for this strategy course?

It is very challenging to learn science passage reading strategy on your own. For this reason, if you find that you’ve been struggling to understand science passages and it is affecting your MCAT score, you should take advantage of this course. Whether you are currently scoring a 490 or a 510, this course will help.

How is this course structured?
The first two sections of this course can be completed quickly and will teach you some foundational test-taking principles to keep in mind as you practice science passage reading. The next section is the meat of this course, containing the 10 strategy modules. Each module includes a written description of the comprehension strategy that teaches you the what, why, and how. After this description, there is a Virtual Video Lecture in which I walk you through an actual MCAT passage and illustrate how the strategy can be applied in a test-taking situation. Afterwards, you will find 10-12 homework assignments. Based on how many points you need to improve your MCAT score by, I will tell you how much time you should be investing in these assignments. The fourth and final section of this course includes a few bonus resources and teaches you how to continue practicing science passage reading now that you’ve completed this course.
Will you reimburse me for this course if I upgrade to the Deluxe Pro Plan later?

Yes! We are big believers in “try before you buy.” If you decide to upgrade to the Deluxe Pro Plan, the amount you paid for this course and any other mastery courses will be subtracted from the final cost. Simply add the Deluxe Pro Plan to your cart, and the discount will apply automatically.

How long does this course take to complete?
Students love the start-when-you-would-like, go-at-your-own-pace nature of this course. You can take as little or as much time as you’d like to complete it. In order to maximize your improvement, however, I do suggest that you set aside at least 30 hours to complete it. At the beginning of the course, you will use your current performance on MCAT science passages to determine how many hours to invest in this course, and those study hours can be spread out as short or as long a period as you’d like. It is best to spread it out over a longer period of time, but if needed, you even could complete the course in as little as a week or as long as multiple years.
I get anxious when I study or practice. Will this course help me with that?
Your fear will be replaced with confidence as you gain an understanding of how to truly succeed on this section. Additionally, as you face your fears by practicing on passage after passage, your fears will begin to subside.
I really struggle with timing. Will this course help me with that?

This course will help you with timing in many ways! First of all, through mastering the 10 comprehension strategies, you will become a Good Reader who quickly understands what they read. Also, I teach you a simple timing method that will allow you to finish on time with the highest score possible.

Do I need this course AND the Ultimate CARS Strategy course?

If you struggle with CARS, you should sign up for my Ultimate CARS Strategy Course. If you struggle with reading science passages, you should sign up for my Science Passage Reading Strategy Course. If you struggle with both CARS and science passages, you should sign up for both courses.

Although both courses teach similar reading strategies, the way they are applied varies tremendously depending on if you are confronting a CARS passage or a science passage. With each course, you will see firsthand how I apply these strategies in the proper context through my 10 Virtual Video Sessions. The CARS Course contains ten of these demonstration videos for CARS passages and the Science Passage Course contains ten for science passages. Through doing both courses, you will conquer both types. And you can gain access to both courses (plus every other resource on the site) for just $1399 as part of my Deluxe Pro Plan.

When will my access expire?

All our products are a one-time payment for lifetime access. 🙂 While other test prep companies have strict expiration dates for all of their plans and programs, we do not believe that is fair to you. You deserve to be able to access what you purchased until you have taken the MCAT and are satisfied with your score.

What outside materials will I need to complete this course?

As part of this course, you will learn how to access 800+ free Science passages. In addition, because this course is focused on helping you become better at science passages and problems written by the writers of the actual exam, the AAMC, it is essential that you purchase the AAMC Section Bank for just $45 (or if you already own the AAMC’s complete bundle, you should have full access). It includes access to over 300 science-based questions written by the writers of the actual MCAT. Think of these practice questions like your textbook for this course.

I've already done the questions from the AAMC Section Bank. Will this course still work for me?

It is essential to learn the AAMC-style of passages and questions, and for this reason, I highly recommend completing all the practice problems from the AAMC multiple times if possible. Even if you’ve already done these problems 5 times or if you just did all of them last week, this course will still work for you. Additionally, the majority of your study time during this course will be spent on the 800+ free science passages and 100+ homework assignments.

Do you offer a Higher Score Guarantee?
Our Ultimate CARS Strategy Course, Science Passage Reading Strategy Course, and Deluxe Pro Plan are all backed by our Higher Score Guarantee. We promise that if you use one of these resources and your score doesn’t improve, we will give you 100-percent of your money back. Most test prep companies simply offer to let you retake the course, but we offer lifetime access no matter what and if your score doesn’t improve we give you your money back. We are completely confident that our courses will work for you.

If you have a unique situation, have a lot of questions, or are looking for a confirmation that you are making the right purchase, you will likely benefit from consultation with our Head Tutor, Andrew George. He has worked one-on-one with hundreds of diverse students and will carefully consider your unique situation as he provides a careful recommendation and answers your questions.