How to Spend Your Final Week Before the MCAT

When I started studying for USMLE Step 1 (“the boards”), I wondered which aspects of MCAT studying would come up again. Some biochemistry topics felt comfortable (amino acids and protein structure), and some topics required more learning (urea cycle and nucleotide metabolism). Yet, at the end of the day, building a quality study schedule really […]

What to Expect in the Medical School Application Process

I spent four years of college working my butt off to get good grades, get involved with extra-curriculars, and I even took a 7-hour exam all to “get my application ready”. But the truth is, I had no idea what the application actually entailed. With a lot more hurdles than expected, I didn’t get my […]

4 Strategies for Memorizing MCAT Content

It’s no secret that online MCAT prep requires extensive memorization. Flipping through content review books can be overwhelming, and it can seem downright impossible to learn everything in time for your MCAT test day. Luckily, several strategies help many of my students maximize their content memorization. In this blog post, I will share some tips […]

Explaining the Official AAMC Prep Material for the MCAT

The MCAT is more than pure content memorization. It requires knowing the “language” of the exam — how questions are asked, how to interpret data, and the logic used to reach each answer. For this reason, many of my students question how their content knowledge will translate on the actual exam. After working with hundreds […]

Why it’s Important to Apply to Medical School Early

Current applicants, medical students, and medical admission consultation companies often talk about the importance of applying early to medical school. However, it can be confusing if you are hearing that for the first time. Are they saying I should apply at a younger age? Should I apply as a junior instead of a senior in […]

How to Review a Full-Length Practice Exam

Taking a full-length exam is exhausting! After taking a practice exam, the last thing I felt like doing was going through the questions again. However, going through practice exams is one of the greatest tools in your MCAT prep arsenal. In this blog post, I will share how I go through practice exams with my […]

What MCAT Score Do I Need?

The MCAT is the only consistent academic measure available to admissions committees. For this reason, the MCAT is more important than your GPA when it comes to Medical School admissions. However, there are several factors to consider before asking what MCAT score you need. Firstly, what is it that you are trying to use your […]

What to Look for in an MCAT Study Buddy

Studying for the MCAT is a huge hurdle for students applying to medical school. While everyone has their own preferences for how to study, having a study buddy can be beneficial to anyone — even if you prefer to study alone. I was lucky to have my friend and classmate Tim, a fellow Premium Elite Tutor […]

How Shyam Scored a 525 on the MCAT

Last year I went through the long and arduous process of studying for the MCAT amidst a pandemic. Along the way, I learned not only about the MCAT and its vast amount of content, but more importantly, about myself and what study habits work best for me. Ever since scoring a 525 on the MCAT, […]

What Topics Does the MCAT Cover?

Where is the list that contains everything I should memorize for the MCAT?  Sadly, there is no magic notebook that contains every piece of content that you should memorize for the MCAT. The AAMC doesn’t ever explicitly state what content should be memorized vs. what should be understood. For this reason, the best resource we […]

What to Memorize for the MCAT

What should I memorize for the MCAT? The AAMC acknowledges that not every concept is created equal, and has released a website that outlines their content in a hierarchical nature. However, thoroughly reading through this entire website would take up hours and hours of your precious study time. The question of memorizing vs. truly understanding […]

How to Study When You’re Sick of Studying

Whether studying for the MCAT or other prerequisite classes, maintaining consistent study habits can be challenging. For some, a lack of motivation causes you to spend hours scrolling endlessly through social media before getting started. Others may find themselves distracted or losing concentration after only putting in 15 minutes of work. Either way, a consistent […]

How the MCAT Prepares You for Medical School

When I started studying for the MCAT 4 years ago, I often wondered “why do I need to learn this if I want to be a doctor?” Now, as I study for Step 1 of the Boards, I’ve seen every MCAT section come up in my school’s curriculum and Boards prep. When studying physics and […]

The Highest-Yield MCAT Prep Materials to Purchase

Success on the MCAT does not necessarily mean getting a high score. Personal success is instead defined by overperforming your own expectations. Since there is no one single content review book or set of practice problems that sufficiently covers all the MCAT content, we recommend using a variety of resources that work for you. And […]

3 Ways to Maximize Your Thanksgiving Break

For most people, Holiday vacations mean taking a break from school and doing something fun. For students who are in school while studying for the MCAT, however, getting time off from school is the time to ramp up one’s MCAT studies, especially this year as COVID-19 is providing an extra incentive to stay home. In […]

How I Improved my CARS Score by 8 Points on the MCAT

I would not consider myself a good reader. In fact, the reading section of the ACT was my lowest score section.  When I started practicing for CARS on the MCAT, I would always run out of time. EVERY TIME. Ultimately, I had to throw some previously recommended strategies out the window and focus on becoming […]