100 Most Essential Equations Mastery Course

Because the AAMC doesn’t specify which equations you should and should not remember, it is extremely difficult to know which equations are worth the time and effort of memorizing. Most prep books list 300+ equations, but most of these equations will be provided to you on test day, so it is a waste of your time to memorize all of them. In an effort to solve this dilemma, I’ve sorted through the fluff to give you a list of the only equations you should spend your time on. You won’t waste your time memorizing equations that the AAMC will more than likely provide for you on test day or equations that are easy as pie (i.e. F = ma) and not worth your precious study time. The 100 equations in my course are only the most high-yield, allowing you to quickly feel 100-percent ready for any calculation on test day.


On-the-go Studying

This course is structured as a Quizlet notecard set that you can access online or on the go using your smart phone.

Detailed Explanations

Each equation includes a link to an article and a link to a video that will explain the equation in greater detail.

Equations Sheet

You’ll also receive the MCAT Self Prep Equations Sheet which lists all 100 equations on a printable, single-page document.


I started out very overwhelmed by the number of equations my review books gave me, but the Equations Course did a great job of narrowing down my focus on what equations are most important. This course very beneficial in that you can test yourself to see which equations you already know and then star the ones that you want to focus on. It was comforting to know that someone with personal experience with the MCAT put this list together so that I would know what to expect on test day.


Give it a try!

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Andrew’s Equation Mastery Course

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Andrew’s Equation Mastery Course

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