10 Most Commonly Missed Concepts Course

Some MCAT concepts are tested over and over again while others are almost never tested at all, and having conducted hundreds of tutoring sessions, I have a unique perspective on which MCAT concepts are well-tested as well as which concepts tend to cause students the most trouble. Each lesson is like a virtual tutoring session with me in which I will carefully explain the key aspects of each concept, the aspects that the MCAT is most likely to test you on. By purchasing this course, you are getting 20+ private tutoring sessions (normally a $3,500 value) worth of essential information – the same information that I teach to lead my private tutoring students to 100th percentile MCAT scores.
Andrew’s focus is not on helping you score better on a testing company’s version of the MCAT, but on the actual AAMC exam. As a result of his help and guidance, I’ve seen steady improvement in my ability to gain points on the AAMC style questions.



Official Practice

Each lesson contains a Quizlet Practice Question Set as well as links to associated AAMC practice questions, allowing you to test yourself on the real thing

On-the-go Studying

The Quizlet practice questions at the end of each lesson can be accessed online or on the go using your smart phone.

High Value

The course contains 20+ private tutoring sessions (normally a $3,500 value) worth of essential information, covering the 10 most commonly tested MCAT topics.


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