High-speed Math Mastery Course

Running out of time can be a nightmare on the MCAT, costing you precious points that you otherwise would have easily been able to capture. MCAT math is especially intimidating because you are not permitted to use a calculator, yet you are being asked to solve calculations that seem nigh to impossible without one. Logs, square roots, and even trigonometry are all fair game on the MCAT. My high-speed math mastery course will walk you through all the math that the MCAT might throw at you in a very gradual, step-by-step manner over the course of 10 easy-to-follow lessons. Each lesson contains a Quizlet that will allow you to practice what you are learning, and this mastery course contains over 450 practice problems, which will leaving you feeling 100 percent confident in your math abilities.
I learned so many little math tricks that will save me precious time while taking the detail-heavy science sections of the MCAT. I would definitely recommend this product to other students who want to develop the ability to do MCAT math problems fast.



High-level Practice

Each lesson contains a Quizlet Practice Question Set, allowing you to test yourself on what you learned. In total, the course contains over 450 practice questions.

On-the-go Studying

The Quizlet practice questions at the end of each lesson can be accessed online or on the go using your smart phone.

Step-by-step Learning

You will start by developing speed and stamina on the basics and then move into more complicated calculations such as 5,984,000,000 divided by .00000000342 and even √.0000000000000534.


Try it Out!

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Andrew’s High-speed Math Mastery Course

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Andrew’s High-speed Math Mastery Course

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