Ultimate CARS Strategy Session

  • Live with Head Tutor Andrew

    Andrew will walk you through his research-based CARS approach during a live strategy session.

  • Successful Results

    Andrew's students have improved their CARS scores by 40+ percentile points using this approach.

  • Substantial Instruction

    This two-hour live session ($1,000 value) is jam packed with Andrew's best tips regarding MCAT CARS success.

  • In-depth Walkthrough

    Andrew will walk you through an actual CARS passage, showing you how to apply each proven strategy.

  • One-on-one Assistance

    Over 30 minutes of the session will be spent on Q&A, giving you personalized guidance.

  • Bonus Gifts

    Just for participating in the session, you will receive free study materials and special CARS discounts.

A Research-based Approach that gets Results!

  • After tutoring with Andrew, I have seen a tremendous increase in my CARS portion and am now only getting one question wrong in each CARS passage.



  • My CARS score jumped up 4 points (from the 35th to the 82nd percentile)!!! I couldn’t believe it! For me, the difference was being able to see Andrew practice what he preached.



  • His simple, yet effective tips for CARS improved my score from a 121 to a 125. I highly recommend Andrew and MCAT Self Prep, as his is method of tutoring is the BEST!



  • Andrew has worked one-on-one with hundreds of pre-med students, helping several of them achieve 100th percentile MCAT scores. He leads the MCAT Self Prep Tutoring Team, and his CARS strategies have led many of his students to improve their CARS score by 40+ percentile points.

Join Me for a Live Strategy Session!

Through my experiences tutoring hundreds of students, I've come to discover why some students score a 130+ CARS score from day 1, while other students continually struggle to score above a 125. I've found that by teaching my students a researched-backed approach, they've been able to improve their CARS scores by 40+ percentile points. During the live strategy session, I will share my approach with you and show you how it works on an actual CARS passage. I'm so excited to spend this time with you and help you improve your CARS score. Whether you are currently scoring a 121 or a 127, this strategy session will help! See you there!

Strategy Session Power Topics

  • The 5 CARS Approaches That DO NOT Work

    Andrew has thoroughly examined every CARS approach currently being taught by other companies. He will help you avoid the techniques that will derail you from true CARS success.

  • The 1 CARS Approach That ALWAYS Works

    You will learn the one research-backed approach that has led Andrew's students to improve their scores by over 40 percentile points. It is sure to work for you as well!

  • 3 Proven
    Reading Strategies

    While walking you through an actual CARS passage, Andrew will show you three reading strategies that are sure to boost your comprehension of even the hardest passages.

  • Bonus Gift: 100+ Free CARS Passages

    Just for attending the session, Andrew will share with you links to over 100 free CARS passages so that you can immediately start practicing the strategies he teaches.

Claim Your Seat!

The Ultimate CARS Strategy Session can only accommodate a certain number of students, so make sure to reserve your spot early.

  • Want It All Right Now?

    Andrew's Ultimate CARS Strategy Course will teach you everything taught in this free session x10 as each of the 10 Strategy Modules will walk you through an entire CARS passage and its associated questions. Although the free strategy session will get you started on your journey to a top CARS score, the Ultimate CARS Strategy Course will take you all the way. When you sign up, you'll get full and immediate access to all of Andrew's CARS tips organized in a step-by-step, easy-to-follow course.
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