• Amino Acid Mastery Course

    The MCAT loves to test your understanding of the amino acids, and many students who have taken the 2015 MCAT have reported that questions about amino acids came up over and over again. The difference between knowing and not knowing your amino acids may be the difference between scoring a 510 and a 515 on test day. Knowing these biomolecules inside and out is key to getting a top MCAT score. Getting a clear understanding of amino acids can be difficult because every resource will tell you something different, but my mastery course gets straight to the point, telling you exactly what to memorize without wasting your time on petty details.
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    You will quickly master the 1-letter abbreviations, 3-letter abbreviations, structures, and key properties of all 20 Amino Acids.

  • On-the-go Studying

    The Quizlet practice questions at the end of each lesson can be accessed online or on the go using your smart phone.

  • High-level Practice

    The course finishes with 15 extremely challenging practice questions that will ensure you’ve mastered everything you need to know.

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  • I used to feel a sense of dread whenever I encountered an amino acid question on the MCAT. The problems always seemed confusing, and no matter what I tried, I never felt prepared for these question types. There was simply too much information to learn, and once I mastered one concept, I’d fall back on another. When Andrew told me about his Amino Acids course, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I figured trying it wouldn’t hurt, and I’m so glad I did! The way the course presents the information is very gradual, so you don’t feel overwhelmed, and it has different types of mnemonic devices to help you remember key concepts. I’ve already notice an improvement in my score, and I feel a lot more confident when it comes to these types of questions! I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to know the amino acids inside and out for test day.



  • Amino Acids play such an important role in the MCAT and there is no way you can cut yourself short of memorizing every detail of each amino acid. Andrew's course lays out a perfectly made Quizlet set that incorporates all the details as well as practice questions. The course itself gives you plenty of time for repetition, but then at the end it also lists all of the questions from AAMC materials that cover Amino Acids so you can really practice what you've learned. This course will save you time in trying to memorize the amino acids through review books or videos and will really prepare you for whatever the MCAT throws at you!



  • The Amino Acid Course was a great way to review a high-yield subject right before my MCAT. It has everything you need to know, but not too much that it is overwhelming. Even though I thought I was pretty solid in my knowledge of this topic, this review pointed out a couple weak spots and then provided practice questions that helped me solidify them. I would highly recommend anyone doing this course, whether you are just starting out studying or think you have amino acids down.



  • I was happy to find Andrew's amino acid mastery course because I've studied the amino acids before, but didn't have any notes. Andrew's course organizes the amino acids into an online portal which can't be lost, and I can go through the notecards on my phone and not worry about if I lost one of them or not. Some of the notecards even had jokes and mnemonics that were funny or adorable, which gave me smile or laugh while studying. This helped me stay interested and maintain stamina.



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