• Andrew George

    Andrew George

    Tutoring Profile

  • Position

    MCAT Self Prep Founder, CEO, Lead Content Director, and Head Tutor.

  • MCAT Score

    99th Percentile Overall (Scored Above the 95th Percentile in Every Section)

  • Pre-med GPA


  • Undergraduate Studies

    Exercise Science Major with a Minor in Business

  • Special Expertise

    Critical Reading Review Specialist and Writer for Testing Solutions and DAT Bootcamp; 100th Percentile on the Biology/Biochemistry Section.

  • Student Success

    Andrew has led several of his students to 100th percentile MCAT scores! Every student that worked with Andrew for 5 or more months has scored above the 97th percentile.

  • Medical Education

    Accepted to Multiple Top-25 Medical Schools

  • In-person Availability

    Although most of Andrew’s sessions are conducted online via video call, he is currently available to meet with students out of his home office in Colorado.

More About Andrew

Hi! My name is Andrew, and I am super happy and excited to help you get ready for the MCAT! As the Founder and CEO of MCAT Self Prep, I have a deep knowledge concerning what it takes to succeed on this extremely challenging exam. I personally analyzed the experiences of students that scored in the top 5th percentile on the MCAT, and used the results of my research to design and launch the MCAT Self Prep eCourse. This experience, combined with my personal experience in studying for the MCAT allow me to provide my students with the exact guidance they need to get a top MCAT score. This expertise has allowed me to tutor several of my students to 100th percentile MCAT scores. I plan on helping you achieve the same.

I have many years of teaching experience and am currently the Head Tutor of MCAT Self Prep. As such, I have started private tutoring with over 100 pre-meds. In the past, I have also given instructional speeches to groups of 100+, taught English as a volunteer in Japan for two years, and also trained teachers in a volunteer organization. Due to my extensive experience, I know what it takes to teach in a way that leads to true understanding. This involves teaching to the needs of each individual student. Before we get together via video call, I will spend at least a half-an-hour looking over your questions, understanding your needs and concerns, and crafting a 100-percent personalized lesson plan. I come to lessons fully prepared and ready to answer my students’ questions, helping them overcome the weaknesses that are keeping them from achieving a top MCAT score.

I love helping my students know what to study and when to study it. Throughout the entire study process, I will carefully track your practice exam scores to know how to adjust and revamp your study plan. I can guide you to the best resources and help you know how to prioritize your study time. When test day comes, my students feel confident in their ability to reach their goal MCAT score. You will too.

If you have already taken the MCAT and are looking to take it again, I can most definitely help you with this process. Most of my current students are also in this situation and are making significant improvements. For instance, one of my students scored in the low 490s three times before they started working with me. In just a few months, we were able to get her up to a 508 on her final AAMC practice exam just before test day. I helped another one of my students go from a 506 to a 521 in just a month-and-a-half. I specialize in helping students improve, so I am confident that I can help you no matter where you are starting from.

During the medical school application cycle, I was accepted to multiple top-25 medical schools. I used this experience and an in-depth analysis of statements made by medical school admissions officers to craft my medical school application course. For this reason, I love helping students craft personal statements and prepare to apply to medical school.

Because I decided to devote my career to helping students prepare for the MCAT, I am extremely available. My students love that they can send me a text and get a response back within minutes. Helping students achieve MCAT success is my passion.

When I am not tutoring, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also love to exercise, and especially like to go on hikes and spend time outdoors. I enjoy playing the ukulele, and am actually also employed as an online ukulele teacher. I have a one-year-old son, who definitely keeps me and my wife busy, and we have a lot of fun playing with him and laughing at all the silly things he does.

I love making new friends, and I like to think of myself as a friend to each one of the students that I teach. I am always willing to go the extra mile in helping each of my students get a top score on the MCAT. I personally understand that the MCAT can be anxiety-inducing, and am always looking for ways to make it less stressful for my students. I am currently tutoring many different students from all around the world, but could certainly make time to start working with you! I hope that you will decide to start tutoring with me, and if you have any questions before signing up for your tutoring package, feel free to contact me using the form at the bottom of this page to set up a time for a free 10-minute phone consultation. I am looking forward to getting to know you soon!

Warm regards,

Andrew George

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      "I would highly recommend Andrew over ANY prep course – you will get personalized assistance and someone that really wants to see you do your best!"

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      "If anyone is planning on taking the MCAT, I recommend using MCAT Self Prep; it has awesome resources and tutors who go above and beyond for you."

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