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At MCAT Self Prep, we are dedicated to providing premeds with the best free and low-cost resources for earning top MCAT scores. If you are passionate about your studies and love helping others succeed on the MCAT, we would love to chat! Currently, we are hiring for the positions below.

MCAT Tutoring jobs

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MCAT Tutor

Work with students 1-on-1 as they prepare for the MCAT. As a tutor, you will also have opportunities to build other aspects of the MCAT Self Prep program by writing blog posts, filming YouTube videos, and creating course content. We offer competitive pay, growth opportunities, and commissions for every time a student signs up to work with you. You will get out what you put into this job.

Why Work for MCAT Self Prep?

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor - MCAT Study Schedule

Dr. Cooper Scherr

“I’ve really enjoyed my time with MCAT Self Prep! As a tutor, it’s been a privilege forming strong relationships with pre-med students and helping them achieve their goals, and the flexible hours have fit well with my busy medical school schedule. I’ve also valued the support of Andrew (Founder) and Tim (Head Tutor) whenever I’ve had to reach out to them. I recommend becoming an MCAT Self Prep tutor if you’re looking for a job that works with your busy schedule in medicine and allows you to pay it forward to students striving to make it into medical school!”

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor - MCAT Study Schedule

Dr. Garrett Bourne

“Working as a tutor for MCAT Self Prep was a great experience! Andrew and Tim both have a true passion for improving the MCAT prep experience and it shows through the product they have created. I appreciated knowing that my students were receiving access to some of the most efficient and effective MCAT study materials out there and were truly on a path that would lead them to success. On top of that, the work hours are incredibly flexible and the compensation is generous which makes it possible to balance this job with a busy pre-med/medical student schedule. I would strongly suggest anyone looking for a MCAT tutoring position to look here!”