Khan Academy Behavioral Science Notes

Completely Comprehensive

The 100-page notes included in this course feature 1,000 terms and definitions, covering every single term mentioned in the Khan Academy Video Collection.

A Fresh Perspective

Instead of a word-for-word replay, each definition provides a fresh perspective on the content, expanding and building upon what you learned in the videos.

Professionally Written

Each definition was expertly crafted and then carefully edited by a Premium Elite Tutor who scored in the 100th percentile on the Behavioral Science section.

Boost Your Learning!

You have complete free access to our Khan Academy Behavioral Science Notes with the option to upgrade to our Behavioral Science Booster Course. It allows you to bring your learning to a higher level, making it more fun and effective. Through interactive learning activities and games such as flashcards, matching games, and quizzes, your learning will become more enjoyable and your mastery of the material will skyrocket. Best of all, you can practice on the go using the Quizlet App. Learning has never been so much fun!
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Complete Integration

Students who succeed on the MCAT, and especially the Behavioral Science Section, learn the content using several different resources. This allows you to gain a full and complete perspective on every piece of content. The 10 Content Modules of our Free MCAT Prep Course make this easy by integrating the Khan Academy video collection with several other free and low-cost study resources including these professionally-crafted Behavioral Science notes, allowing you to carefully study all the content all from one place.
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