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Lesson 1: Amino Acids and Proteins

Amino Acids and Proteins

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A new protein has been discovered in the bottom of the ocean. Researchers want to predict the folding patterns of the protein. Which of the following will the researchers most likely analyze for these predictions?

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A food scientist researches a new way to cook eggs. Which of the following methods will effectively denature the primary structure of egg proteins? 

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Due to their greater stability, antiparallel beta sheets tend to withstand greater physical and solvent-induced distortions than their parallel counterparts. This can be attributed to the fact that the polymers in an antiparallel beta pleated sheet run in ____ directions and polymers in a parallel beta pleated sheet run in the ____ directions.

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Cysteine has a thiol group as part of its side chain. Why does cysteine preferentially form disulfide bonds in the extracellular environment?

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A researcher studies the properties of amino acids at different pH levels. If the pH is equal to the pKa of the amino acid in beaker 1, which of the following is true regarding the amino acid?

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A patient with a consistent blood glucose level greater than 300 mg/dL is determined to be in diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). DKA patients typically have a pH below 7.4. Which of the following amino acids would not be protonated when pH falls below 6.25?

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A researcher investigates one mechanism of protein folding and solvation layer formation. The protein studied is rich in phenylalanine and leucine amino acids. When the protein is submerged in an aqueous solution, the water molecules in the solvation layer cannot form hydrogen bonds with the protein's side chain. What will most likely result from the occurrence of this phenomenon?

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Given that a protein is composed of nonpolar amino acids and displays typical patterns of protonation/deprotonation for neutral amino acids, which of the following amino acids is this protein most likely composed of?

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A researcher works with a protein composed of nonpolar amino acids that is found in human blood. The researcher studies the behavior of amino acids within the protein after exposure to different conditions.

Condition 1: pH = 2

Condition 2: pH = 10

Condition 3: pH = 6.8

Which of the following is true?

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Researchers have identified a certain prion that causes the human protein abc to misfold by affecting α-helices. When a cell is infected by this particular prion, what most likely happens to protein abc at the molecular level?

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A researcher is able to denature a protein by adding it to a solution with low pH. Which of the following bonds is not broken in this solution?

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Vacuum ultraviolet circular dichroism is an experimental technique used to identify β-turns in polypeptide chains. Which of the following correctly describes the location and content of β-turns?

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Keratins are structural proteins integral to the vertebrate epidermis. The secondary structure of keratin is largely composed of α-helices. A majority of these α-helices are:

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Ser108 and Gln114 are residues in the same α-helix of an antibody. A hydrogen bond:

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What is the correct amino acid sequence for this polypeptide? (See image)

Question Image

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High levels of cyclin-dependent kinase activity have been implicated in tumorigenesis. Which of the following amino acids' R groups would likely remain unchanged in the presence of a kinase?

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A scientist shines plane polarized light through various amino acids. Which amino acid will not show optical activity?

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The amino acid histidine is often found in the active site of several enzymes. Which of the following best explains why this is true?

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Zwitterions are amphoteric, meaning that they can act as both acids and bases. At what pH are amino acids predominantly in their Zwitterion form?

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A researcher wishes to introduce a mutation to an enzyme that utilizes Threonine to bind reactants in its active site. Which of the following amino acids would replace threonine in such a way to inhibit the activity of the enzyme?

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A certain protein is 8 amino acids in length. How many different amino acid sequences are possible for this protein?

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An unspecified virus uses RNA as its genetic material. This viral RNA could possibly lead to the synthesis of which of the following?



III. Proteins

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The Strecker synthesis is often conducted to produce racemic mixtures of methionine. Which of the following is not a starting component for the Strecker synthesis?

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Gabriel synthesis is often used in the preparation of primary aromatic amines, which can be used as a starting material in the manufacture of dyes. What type of reaction occurs in Gabriel synthesis?

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