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While all our Elite Tutors are exceptional, what makes our Premium Elite Tutors unique is their experience helping their students get the results they want.

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Premium Elite Tutors have demonstrated a consistent ability to help their students improve.

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Each of the 10+ testimonials collected by our Premium Elite Tutors is proof to their ability to satisfy their students.

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Our Premium Elite Tutors

Premium Elite Tutors have earned 10+ student testimonials and specialize in students who need a high-level of help or are retaking the MCAT.


Emily scored a 523 on test day and is a fourth year medical student at the University of Virginia. She wrote and edited our AAMC styled quizzes and can teach you how to approach any CARS passage or science experiment. She’s also great for admissions consulting!

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Ellery earned a 526 after using our Advanced Pro Plan! She also has a diverse educational background, with religious studies enhancing her CARS skills, molecular biology aiding science sections, and her work as a high school biology teacher honing her teaching!


Grace earned a 521 on the MCAT and used this expertise to write and edit our AAMC discrete-style quiz project in our e-course. She has taught physiology, chemistry and physics in college as well, and is passionate about helping students improve their passage reading skills.


Denisse scored a 526 by reading our Free Study Tips and using our E-course and Question of the Day videos. As a neuroscience expert, she’s incorporated all 3 science sections into her research, and is great at teaching any concept and passage reading!

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Dalton used MCAT Self Prep to achieve a 100th percentile MCAT score, including perfect scores in Chemistry/Physics and Behavioral Sciences. He also has a wealth of experience tutoring and running volunteer education programs, so he’s seen it all and can help!

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Kathryn scored in the 98th percentile as a non-traditional student by using MCAT Self Prep. With her great ability to tutor passages and her public health background, Kathryn can help any student improve and has tips for overcoming any MCAT or application challenge!

A Program that Works!


“I would highly recommend Andrew over ANY prep course – you will get personalized assistance and someone that really wants to see you do your best!” Read more.


“If anyone is planning on taking the MCAT, I recommend using MCAT Self Prep; it has awesome resources and tutors who go above and beyond for you.” Read more.

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“Grace is an amazing tutor. I started out with a sub-495 score on the MCAT and saw a 26- POINT IMPROVEMENT in the span of 8 months, working with her. During this time, I was juggling other full-time commitments such as graduate school and extracurriculars, and Grace helped me balance all these tasks and still adequately study for this exam.
Grace breaks down each passage regardless of section really well. For example, I struggled with CARS the most, especially regarding timing and understanding the passage. Grace read passages with me and demonstrated strategies that I could use to obtain a better score on this hard section. My score was below 40 percentile and shot up to 90 percentile on test day. I also scored in the highest percentile for the CASPer exam, and I would like to thank Grace for her direction and instruction regarding this test. She also understands how difficult and anxiety-inducing this test can be and can empathize quite well with these struggles. She is an amazing tutor, and I would recommend her to anyone, especially those who started with a really low score like me.”

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“Kathryn was a godsend when I was preparing to retake the MCAT. It was my third try and I felt so discouraged by my previous scores. It was my Achilles heel in my dream of becoming a doctor. Having a friend to study with changed the game. She helped me practice effectively instead of just drilling the same knowledge over again for a third time. My biggest improvement was on the CARS section. I actually found myself looking forward to CARS practice once I learned how to be curious about the passages and analyze all of the answer choices. On that third try, I improved my score from a 498 to a 510!

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“What I liked most about Kathryn was that I felt she understood how I was feeling about the MCAT, resorting to tutoring, and how to best tutor someone with my personality. I was very hesitant about receiving tutoring for the MCAT, but I’m so glad I chose Kathryn. She has such a calm and patient demeanor, and given how stressed I was from studying, it certainly helped relieve some of my stress. She put in the extra time to help me with ALL of my practice questions (and I had many). I saw my score improve from a 507 to a 515 in a few weeks. Keep in mind, this was only having worked with Kathryn for a mere month. She provided me the skills and encouragement I needed to continue studying and to improve my score, and of course, we had a good few laughs in between :). Moreover, she helped me with my primary and secondary medical school applications—her writing skills are impeccable and I probably improved my writing skills more during my time being tutored by her, than I did in during my college English courses. I hope you’ll consider her as your tutor!!!””

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“Denisse is an excellent tutor and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their score on the MCAT! She came prepared to every session, knew the material inside and out, and provided excellent guidance for adjusting my study plan. Whenever I felt like I was falling behind in my study plan, Denisse would help me figure out how to best maximize the time I had left. With Denisse’s help, I improved my MCAT score seven points from my first attempt and felt more confident applying to medical school. I highly recommend both Denisse and the MCAT Self-Prep program for MCAT preparation.”

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Our prices cannot be beat. While other companies charge as much as $4,099 for a 10-session package ($410 per session) with a barely-90th percentile tutor, tutoring with our 520+ Elite Tutors starts at just $149 per session! Other companies charge as much as $14,999 for a 28-session package ($469 per session) with one of their head tutors, but meeting with our Head Tutor starts at just $399 per session! We are so confident you won’t find a better price that we stand behind our Lowest Price Guarantee.

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