Head Tutoring

While all our Elite Tutors are exceptional, what makes our Head Tutors unique is their breadth of experience helping their students get the results they want.

Proven Expertise

Head Tutors have scored in the 99th Percentile or higher and demonstrated a consistent ability to help their students improve.

True Satisfaction

Each of the 20+ testimonials collected by our Head Tutors is proof to their ability to satisfy their students in all facets of MCAT preparation.

Valuable Perspective

Having worked with hundreds diverse students, coupled with leadership roles in writing questions and MCAT essays, they know how to achieve success in a variety of circumstances.

Our Head Tutors

Head Tutors earned top MCAT scores and have the most experience, trust, and proven success in the business with 20+ student testimonials.

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Spencer prepared for the MCAT using MCAT Self Prep and has used that knowledge to tutor for over 1400 hours! He has won multiple awards for his teaching and extensive research, which led to him getting many top medical school acceptances.

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Timothy completed the entire MCAT Self Prep Program while studying for the MCAT. He wrote and edited our Quizlet, CARS passages, and more. As a resident, he’s tutored over 100 MCAT students with study planning, content, CARS, passage approach, and applications!

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Theo is the consummate MCAT Expert, having scored a 528 on test day! He was accepted to multiple top 10 medical schools, and is currenlty an M3 at UCLA! He can teach any aspect of the MCAT or application work and has great study tips for all students.

Consistent Positive Feedback


“I would highly recommend Andrew over ANY prep course – you will get personalized assistance and someone that really wants to see you do your best!” Read more.


“If anyone is planning on taking the MCAT, I recommend using MCAT Self Prep; it has awesome resources and tutors who go above and beyond for you.” Read more.

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Spencer is a legend at BYU for teaching, and he excelled in all of the skills required for the job. He was an excellent communicator, incredibly responsive to emails and questions, and was always willing to help. I don’t think he ever redirected a question or asked to get back to it later. His teaching style was adaptable to fit different learning styles, and he was willing to adopt different approaches if a concept was ever asked to be explained differently. He used time extremely well while making the content engaging. Any student would be extremely lucky to have him as an MCAT tutor. I recommend him 110%.

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“Theo is an amazing tutor without a doubt, and his experience really shines through when he worked with me on the CARS session. As a nontrad student with English as my second language, I knew needed help on CARS. We were able to develop a study plan with achievable progression and a CARS strategy that’s simple and most importantly makes sense to me. We’d try to get to the underlying causes of my mistakes (e.g. timing, reasoning, second guessing etc.) and build a personally tailored strategy upon. With meticulous approach in the end, I was able to improve and build my confidence in CARS in a consistent way. Because of tutoring with Theo, I achieved a score that I NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE: I got a 524 on the MCAT (100th percentile)!
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Spencer is the best tutor I have ever worked with!  His combination of professionalism (especially with punctuality and response time), knowledge, and friendly attitude make it easy to succeed and learn.  He is constantly looking for ways to help his students including creating the most thorough and best presented systems for learning concepts that I have thus far encountered.  If someone wanted to have the best tutor possible to succeed, especially in science based studies, Spencer is the clear choice.  You will learn the material, gain a deeper understanding of science in everyday life, and see your scores significantly improve.   I recommend him without reservation.” 

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“Tim was an exceptional tutor through helping me prepare for the MCAT! He helped me understand several chemistry and biochemistry concepts by explaining to me in detail why I missed certain questions, and pasted helpful charts into my tutor portal to help me grasp the concepts even more. He always had my questions answered in the portal before the tutoring session began and was very flexible with his appointment times. He has a great personality and is very easy to get along with! Tim helped me increase my score by 16 points since my previous attempt at the MCAT last year. He also tremendously helped me with my personal statement and other essays for my medical school applications. He gave me helpful advice of how to rearrange my personal statement and fixed several minor mistakes in each of my essays. Thank you, Tim!!”

Best Prep, Best Price

Our prices cannot be beat. While other companies charge as much as $4,099 for a 10-session package ($410 per session) with a barely-90th percentile tutor, tutoring with our 520+ Elite Tutors starts at just $149 per session! Other companies charge as much as $14,999 for a 28-session package ($469 per session) with one of their head tutors, but meeting with our Head Tutor starts at just $399 per session! We are so confident you won’t find a better price that we stand behind our Lowest Price Guarantee.

Head Tutoring Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan is right for me?

If you are not sure which plan is right for you, simply request a free consultation with Andrew and he will point you in the right direction. He’s worked with hundreds of students and knows what you’ll need to achieve your goal in your unique situation.

What are sessions like?

Each Elite Tutoring session will include the following:

Meticulous Preparation. Before the session even starts, your tutor will look through your Study Portal as they prepare an individualized lesson plan.

Pivotal Adjustments. At the beginning of each hourlong session, your Premium Elite Tutor will examine your progress and help you adjust your study plan using the Study Plan Spreadsheet.

Individualized Training. Your Premium Elite Tutor will spend the bulk of the session focused on teaching you the strategies and content that address your exact needs.

Can a tutor help me with my study plan?

Our Elite Tutors’ primary focus is on helping you know what and how to study in order to achieve MCAT success. They understand that having an effective study plan is the number one determining factor regarding whether you will reach your goal MCAT score. For this reason, they will focus on helping you develop and follow a customized study plan unique to your needs. They all scored in the 97th+ percentile using the MCAT Self Prep Program, so they know what it takes to achieve MCAT success.

Will Elite Tutoring help me during my final month of MCAT studying?

Yes! The final month of studying is actually the best time to take advantage of Elite Tutoring. You will be doing many full-length practice exams during your final month, and your Elite Tutor can review the toughest passages and questions with you. Study Plan Advising is also extremely helpful as you try to decide what and how to study during the final month. Students find that working with someone who has already conquered the exam to be very reassuring during the most stressful period of studying.

I need help with the CARS section. Can an Elite Tutor help me with that?

Yes! Our Elite Tutors are trained to help you with every section of the MCAT.

How do I start meeting with a tutor?

To start meeting with your tutor, simply add Elite Tutoring to your cart, and complete the checkout process. Afterwards, you will receive an immediate confirmation email with detailed instructions for getting started.

You can immediately start our Create-your-own Study Plan Course, which will walk you through developing a rough draft study plan using the Study Plan Spreadsheet.

After that, you can schedule a your first at your convenience so that you can discuss your study plan with one of our Elite Tutors in a one-on-one setting.

How often will I meet with a tutor? How does scheduling a session work?

The great thing about our program is that it offers you the flexibility to study at your own pace and on your own schedule. You do not need to meet with your tutor at the same time every week for a set number of weeks. You are able to choose any available tutoring slot from your tutor’s calendar, whether that slot is two months from now or two days from now. You choose the time that works for you! Students love having this flexibility.

Is there any way to meet in person with my tutor?

All of our tutoring sessions are conducted online, and our students find this to be just as effective, if not more effective, than meeting in person. Students really enjoy the fact that they can visit with their tutor without having to ever leave their apartment!

Can I defer my payment or pay in increments over time?

Yes! Simply select affirm pay over time at checkout to customize your payment plan with affirm. In some cases, affirm can decline users from using their pay-over-time service. If this happens, you can shoot me a message, and we’ll get you set up with a personalized monthly payment plan that will suit your financial needs. If you have questions or need to make changes to your affirm payment plan, you can contact affirm here. For non-affirm, custom payment plans, contact us.

Can I schedule sessions before my payment plan is paid off?

Yes! You can begin scheduling tutoring sessions right away after signing up. But keep in mind that we will suspend your account and postpone all remaining tutoring sessions if your recurring payment fails at any time. If you have questions or need to make changes to your affirm payment plan, you can contact affirm here. For non-affirm, custom payment plans, contact us.

What materials will I receive as part of this tutoring program?

As soon as you enroll in Elite Tutoring, you will receive immediate and free access to all of the following:

  • Our MCAT Video Collection, which covers ALL the MCAT topics as listed by the AAMC.
  • All ten of our online content modules (Biology I, Physics II, etc) as well as MCAT Bootcamp with customization.
  • Create-your-own Study Plan Course, which includes our Create-your-own Study Plan Spreadsheet and Score Tracker.

Request a Free Consultation

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