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David and Madison Scored in the 100th Percentile using our Tutoring Program

  • Andrew gave me down-to-earth, practical advice. He told me very honestly about his process studying for the MCAT. Andrew helped me set up a basic study plan, and I stuck to it in the following months. It took discipline, but when I finally got my scores back I was excited to see I had scored in the 100th percentile. In short, I’m a big supporter of MCAT Self Prep!”



  • Working with Andrew has been one of the most important parts of my MCAT preparation. He has done an amazing job of guiding me to resources, helping me plan and organize my studies, and focus on the most important aspects. Andrew has been so positive and enthusiastic, and I would definitely recommend him as a tutor.



  • Best Prep, Best Price

    MCAT Self Prep only hires tutors that scored in the 97th percentile or higher on the new MCAT with most of our tutors having scores in the 100th percentile. While many prep companies are willing to hire anyone who did somewhat decent on the exam, MCAT Self Prep holds to its high standard of excellence. And unlike other tutoring companies, you can view each of our elite tutors’ profiles in which you can view testimonials from their past and current students.

    Our prices cannot be beat. While Kaplan charges $3,999 for a 15-session package ($266 per session) with a barely-90th percentile tutor, tutoring with our 97th percentile+ tutors starts at just $49 per session! Next Step charges $14,999 for a 28-session package ($469 per session) with one of their head tutors, but meeting with our head tutor starts at just $99 per session! We are so confident you won't find a better price that we stand behind our Lowest Price Guarantee.

Why MCAT Self Prep?

    • Experienced

      Every one of our tutors scored between the 97th and 100th percentile on the MCAT. They each have several years of teaching experience. And each of them have experience as professional practice question writers and reviewers for the MCAT.

    • Student Success

      Our tutors have led several students to achieve 100th percentile MCAT scores. Every student who started studying with our tutors six months before their test date has scored above the 97th percentile. And every single student that has used our tutoring program has seen improvements.

    • Individualized

      Every single session taught by our tutors is handcrafted to meet the personal needs of each student. Our tutors spend 30 minutes preparing for every single lesson so that they can help their students overcome the weaknesses that are keeping them from achieving a top score.

    • Affordable

      Kaplan charges $3999 for 15 sessions of tutoring. That’s $266 per session! All this just to tutor with someone who may have barely achieved the 90th percentile. In contrast, our sessions start at just $49.99 and all of our tutors scored between the 97th and 100th percentile.

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      "I would highly recommend Andrew over ANY prep course – you will get personalized assistance and someone that really wants to see you do your best!"

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      "If anyone is planning on taking the MCAT, I recommend using MCAT Self Prep; it has awesome resources and tutors who go above and beyond for you."

Our Tutors




    Garrett personally scored in the 97th percentile on the MCAT using the MCAT Self Prep Program. He has over four years of teaching experience and is an award-winning chemistry tutor. He is currently receiving attention from top medical schools such as Dartmouth and Georgetown. Sessions with Garrett start at just $49.99!




    David nailed his MCAT, earning the top percentile rank, the 100th percentile! He has a 3.99 GPA, has a plethora of tutoring experience, and his students think of him as a close friend. He is currently receiving attention from top schools such as Harvard and Stanford as he works towards his MD. Sessions with David start at just $59.99!




    Zachary achieved the highest percentile rank possible on the MCAT, earning the 100th percentile. He has a 4.0 GPA, and is currently working towards becoming an MD/PhD. In this pursuit, he is currently receiving attention from top medical schools such as Stanford and Johns Hopkins. Sessions with Zachary start at just $59.99!




    Andrew has successfully led several of his students to achieve 100th percentile MCAT scores. He leads the MCAT Self Prep Tutoring Team and has worked one-on-one with hundreds of students,. He also currently works as a professional practice question writer and analyst for the MCAT and DAT exams. Sessions with Andrew start at just $99.99!