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  • 10 Content Modules

    Learn all the content as outlined by the AAMC using our 150 easy-to-complete lessons.

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    Our eCourse features 300+ hours of video content that can be watched at 2x the speed!

  • Quizlet Practice Questions

    Quickly test yourself on every single MCAT concept using our 5,000+ Quizlet Practice Questions.

  • Mastery Courses

    Gain access to all 9 of Andrew's Memorization and Strategy Courses as described below.

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Other companies charge $1999 for their online course, $1499 for their medical school application course, $2099 for their strategy course, and $999 for their CARS course. Added up, that's over $6000. Our Deluxe Pro Plan includes all of this and more for just $1,999!

Create-your-own Study Plan Course

Studying in your own individualized way doesn't mean studying without structure. Our Create-your-own Study Plan Course allows you to have both individualization and organization at the same time. Whether you are a regular student who wants a more customized study approach that targets your weaknesses or you are a struggling student with a complicated situation who needs a fresh start, this course is for you. Not only does it carefully teach you what to study and why, but it also provides you with the tools you need to stay on track to reaching your goal. It comes with full access to our Study Portal, Score Tracker, and Study Plan Spreadsheet.

"I definitely recommend going through this course to get a better understanding of how to tackle everything you'll need to cover before test day!" - Mike
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Amino Acid Mastery Course

The MCAT loves to test your understanding of the amino acids, and many students who have taken the 2015 MCAT have reported that questions about amino acids came up over and over again. The difference between knowing and not knowing your amino acids may be the difference between scoring a 510 and a 515 on test day. Knowing these biomolecules inside and out is key to getting a top MCAT score. Getting a clear understanding of amino acids can be difficult because every resource will tell you something different, but my mastery course gets straight to the point, telling you exactly what to memorize without wasting your time on petty details.

"I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to know the amino acids inside and out for test day" - Praheetha
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Behavioral Science Booster Course

In 2015, the MCAT added a new section to the MCAT — the notorious Behavioral Science Section. This section requires you to know both psychology and sociology terms inside and out. Like the other sections of the MCAT, this section focuses on applying concepts, but more so than the other sections, the Behavioral Science section wants you to understand how the definitions of similar terms differ from one another. The Behavioral Science Booster Course makes this possible through fun and interactive learning games that allow you to learn these definitions through and through.

“Choosing the right materials to use is difficult, but this is EVERYTHING I need! the definitions are short and simple plus practice. AMAZING!” - Stephanie
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Metabolic Pathways Mastery Course

The metabolic pathways get tested on the MCAT over and over again. Although the MCAT doesn't expect you to know every single thing about every single biochemical pathway, they do expect you to have the key details of the most important pathways memorized to a T. And that is the purpose of this course — To give you the tools you need to quickly and efficiently refresh your memory on only the most important biochemical pathways, the ones the MCAT is very likely to challenge you with on test day. And best of all, you should be able to complete this course in a matter of hours as compared to the hundreds of hours it would take you to re-memorize the mountain of notes from your previous biochemistry course.

"The Metabolic Pathways course is the perfect way to memorize each pathway quickly, and efficiently. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to work hard in hopes of achieving a top score on the MCAT!" - Vineet
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100 Most Essential Equations Mastery Course

Because the AAMC doesn't specify which equations you should and should not remember, it is extremely difficult to know which equations are worth the time and effort of memorizing. Most prep books list 300+ equations, but most of these equations will be provided to you on test day, so it is a waste of your time to memorize all of them. In an effort to solve this dilemma, I've sorted through the fluff to give you a list of the only equations you should spend your time on. You won't waste your time memorizing equations that the AAMC will more than likely provide for you on test day or equations that are easy as pie (i.e. F = ma) and not worth your precious study time. The 100 equations in my course are only the most high-yield, allowing you to quickly feel 100-percent ready for any calculation on test day.

"I started out very overwhelmed by the number of equations my review books gave me, but the Equations Course did a great job of narrowing down my focus on what equations are most important." - Alyssa
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High-speed Math Mastery Course

Running out of time can be a nightmare on the MCAT, costing you precious points that you otherwise would have easily been able to capture. MCAT math is especially intimidating because you are not permitted to use a calculator, yet you are being asked to solve calculations that seem nigh to impossible without one. Logs, square roots, and even trigonometry are all fair game on the MCAT. My high-speed math mastery course will walk you through all the math that the MCAT might throw at you in a very gradual, step-by-step manner over the course of 10 easy-to-follow lessons. Each lesson contains a Quizlet that will allow you to practice what you are learning, and this mastery course contains over 450 practice problems, which will leaving you feeling 100 percent confident in your math abilities.

"I learned so many little math tricks that will save me precious time while taking the detail-heavy science sections of the MCAT. I would definitely recommend this product to other students who want to develop the ability to do MCAT math problems fast." - Jessica
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10 Most Commonly Missed Concepts Course

Some MCAT concepts are tested over and over again while others are almost never tested at all, and having conducted hundreds of tutoring sessions, I have a unique perspective on which MCAT concepts are well-tested as well as which concepts tend to cause students the most trouble. Each lesson is like a virtual tutoring session with me in which I will carefully explain the key aspects of each concept, the aspects that the MCAT is most likely to test you on. By purchasing this course, you are getting 20+ private tutoring sessions (normally a $3,500 value) worth of essential information – the same information that I teach to lead my private tutoring students to 100th percentile MCAT scores.

"Andrew's focus is not on helping you score better on a testing company's version of the MCAT, but on the actual AAMC exam. As a result of his guidance, I've seen steady improvement in my ability to gain points on the AAMC style questions." - Julia
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Science Passage Reading Strategy Course

MCAT science passages are a nightmare with their run-on sentences, lack of clarity, and countless confusing definitions. Being able to understand the passages is one thing, but add in the time pressure, and tackling these passages feels next to impossible. Our Science Passage Reading Strategy Course helps you overcome this challenge through teaching you key reading strategies. Each of the 10 strategies comes with a written description, a 60-minute Virtual Video Session with our Head Tutor, Andrew, and countless homework assignments. By the time you finish this course, each strategy will feel second-nature to you, making these previously challenging passages much easier to process.

"Andrew describes his strategies on exam day, and he walks you through many passages, showing you his step-by-step process. Science passages are the most difficult for me, but after reading his strategies, much simpler." - Jenny
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Ultimate CARS Strategy Course

Some students are able to sit down and score a perfect 132 on their very first attempt at the CARS section. How are they able to do it without having received any prior instruction? It is because they are Good Readers, quickly understanding what they read. The good news it that you can learn to become a Good Reader, and research shows that the very best way is through learning reading strategies. The course teaches 10 key strategies over the course of 10 Strategy Modules. Each Strategy Module includes a written description, a 45-minute Virtual Video Session with our Head Tutor, Andrew, and countless homework assignments. Private sessions with Andrew currently cost hundreds of dollars, but as part of this course it is like getting ten for the price of one. He's helped many of his students improve their CARS scores by over 40 percentile points. You can too.

"I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to increase their efficiency and scores while reading CARS passages. You will not regret it!" - River
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Medical School Application Course

Out of 53,042 students who applied to medical school in 2020, 31,011 students did not gain acceptance to a single medical school. That means the typical applicant has a 58 percent chance of being completely rejected. Because even the simplest application error can result in an entire year of wasted time and money, we created this course to help you stay on track. It will help you stay 100-percent organized so that nothing falls through the cracks as you prepare a stellar application. While other prep companies charge over $2000 for their application helper programs, this course comes with double the value for a quarter the price. The tools that we've developed come from Andrew's personal experience gaining acceptance to multiple top-25 medical schools, and everything taught in this course is based on countless up-to-date statements from admissions committee members at elite medical schools. Instead of relying on misinformation, stay on the right track to medical school acceptance by following the dependable advice contained in our Medical School Application Course.

"Andrew and the MCAT Self Prep team have successfully put together a comprehensive and straightforward guide to getting into medical school." - Dr. Grant
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Welcome to my Deluxe Pro Plan

  • Andrew has successfully led several of his students to achieve 100th percentile MCAT scores. He leads the MCAT Self Prep Tutoring Team and has worked one-on-one with hundreds of students. He also has vast experience as a professional practice question writer and analyst for the MCAT and DAT exams.

"All of the courses and materials contained in the Deluxe Pro Plan were created based on my personal experiences with hundreds of pre-meds as well as my thorough research on the very best way to study for the MCAT. As I met with students, I began to notice that certain topics were particularly challenging for the majority of my students. This led me to create Memorization Courses such as my Amino Acids Mastery Course, Metabolic Pathways Mastery Course, and 10 Most Commonly Missed Concepts Course. I also noticed that the most valuable gift I could give my students was instruction in passage reading strategy; thus, I went to work creating the very popular Science Passage Reading Strategy Course and Ultimate CARS Strategy Course. Together, these courses contain 20 Virtual Video Sessions with me during which I walk you through actual MCAT passages while demonstrating the strategies. Combined with all the other resources on the site, the Deluxe Pro Plan is like getting 40 private tutoring sessions with me for the price of two (currently $499.99 per session). The Deluxe Pro Plan allows you to get all of my support and experience in one affordable package."

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      "I would highly recommend Andrew over ANY prep course – you will get personalized assistance and someone that really wants to see you do your best!"

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      "If anyone is planning on taking the MCAT, I recommend using MCAT Self Prep; it has awesome resources and tutors who go above and beyond for you."

  • After spending thousands of dollars failing to even score above a 500 on his first attempt, Mahmoud sought out Andrew's help as he prepared to take the MCAT again. Even with English as a second language, Mahmoud was able to make significant improvements: "After spending 4K+ on a MCAT testing company on my first attempt, I retook the MCAT with Andrew.The website/system that Andrew offers is the utopia of MCAT preparation. Not only does it prepare you for the MCAT but also, changes your lifestyle and how one should properly approach the MCAT. During the diagnostics & taking FLs, my score changed from a 495 to a 510 and I witnessed a 7 point increase on the real deal. Also, English is my second language, so CARS was a bit challenging for me. On top of that, I lost 10 mins of time during the CARS section on the real thing (Yikes). However, thanks to the CARS strategy course, I was able to do just fine on the CARS section despite all the obstacles. With the deluxe pro plan & the great great great great FLASHCARDS that I was able to use anywhere, I got the MCAT score I wanted. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Thank you Andrew for all your work"



  • "Working with Andrew was a very productive and fun experience! Andrew is a very nice person to get along with and one of the biggest aspects of taking the MCAT and excelling it is confidence; Andrew helps instill a sense of confidence that really reflected on my practice full lengths. I would definitely recommend him to people looking to increase their MCAT scores. The lay out of the course is very cohesive and organized making my content review phase very productive and less overwhelming. With Andrew's help and the MCAT Self Prep program, I was able to achieve a 523 on my final AAMC practice exam."



  • Brianna felt like working with Andrew was exactly what she needed to improve on her previous MCAT attempt: "My name is Brianna Samonte and the first time I took the MCAT I received a 504. To prepare, I used the Kaplan books and study resources, which I thought were helpful at the time but once I started doing AAMC practice, I could tell there was a gap. I stumbled across MCAT Self Prep by chance as I was perusing the internet for personal tutors and am so grateful that I found this site. Andrew's method for preparing students for the MCAT is engaging, comprehensive, and unique. I loved the way that unlike other test prep companies, MCAT Self Prep utilized resources from various resources, so you don't just get accustomed to their particular type of material. I also felt that the services offered due to Andrew and his team's diligence and hard work ethic far exceeded my expectations considering how affordable the program is. Another benefit that I enjoyed was the flexibility of the prep course. Along each step of the way, the course constantly makes adjustments along with your tutor to ensure that you are studying in the most effective and efficient way possible. Because of Andrew and MCAT Self Prep I was able to raise my score from a 504 on my original MCAT to 514 on test day in just 3 short months, finding time to balance a family vacation and other personal activities in between. Andrew and his program are a great fit for any pre-med out there looking to crush the MCAT. I highly recommend MCAT Self Prep!"



  • Lemuel completely surpassed his MCAT goal using Andrew's program: "I found MCAT Self Prep as I was looking through youtube for advice and information about how to prepare for the MCAT. I had just finished my finals for the Fall semester of my junior year so I was quite motivated to jump in and start studying. I really appreciated Andrew's positive attitude, but he was also very realistic and specific about what it would take to get a high MCAT score. One of the things that really stood out to me was Andrew's emphasis on high quality note cards as well as his program's affordability compared to other companies. The fall semester of my junior year had been quite difficult and I found that the use of note cards in preparation for my classes was an extremely effective way for me to learn, and having that in mind really drew me to MCAT Self Prep. About midway through my study period, my pre-med adviser told me that for the in-state medical school I was really wanting to attend, I would need to get a 503 on the test. On test day, I got a 514 with a perfect score in Behavioral Sciences. I highly recommend MCAT Self Prep as the preparation is top notch and extremely well made and tailored to efficient, high yield content. It's been my experience that using note cards is the best study method for the MCAT, as most of the questions are looking for you to apply small pieces of memorized information to different situations. I definitely felt over-prepared on test day, even though leading up to the exam I was worried since I fell behind in the study schedule I made with the program. You can't find a better mentor or more concise yet comprehensive set of note cards for this massive test than Andrew and his materials!"



  • Your Score Will Improve.

    I promise.

    I believe in this plan 100% because everything I teach is based on a solid foundation of research. I've seen it work for my students, and I am confident it will work for you too. I know that if you follow it, your MCAT score will improve. And if it doesn't, I'll give you 100% of your money-back, guaranteed. What's more, if you're unsatisfied for any reason within 30 days, I promise to give you all of your money back. Why? Because I stand behind what I teach 100%.
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    The Deluxe Pro Plan gives you double the value for 6-times less the expense! Other companies charge $1,999 for their online course, $1,499 for their medical school application course, $2,099 for their strategy course, and $999 for their CARS course. Added up, that's over $6000. Our Deluxe Pro Plan includes all of this and more for just $1,999!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan is right for me?

If you are not sure which plan is right for you, simply request a free consultation with Andrew and he will point you in the right direction. He’s worked with hundreds of students and knows what you’ll need to achieve your goal in your unique situation.

Who should sign up for the Deluxe Pro Plan?

The Deluxe Pro Plan is for students who want to take their MCAT studying to the highest level possible. It comes with every single resource on our website including all of our mastery and strategy courses. The mastery courses will help you conquer the most commonly tested topics such as amino acids, equations, and more. The strategy courses will help you learn how to truly understand both science and CARS passages in a way that will allow you to easily understand even the most confusing passages and questions. Students who want to get the very highest score possible will definitely want to upgrade to the Deluxe Pro Plan.

If I start with the Basic or Advanced Pro Plan first, will you reimburse me when I upgrade to the Deluxe Pro Plan later?

Yes! We are big believers in “try before you buy.” As soon as you sign up for either the Basic or the Advanced Pro Plans, we will provide you with a discount for the higher-tier plans equal to the value of your purchase. For instance, if you start with the Basic Pro for $19.99, you will automatically receive a $19.99 credit towards your purchase of the Advanced or Deluxe Pro Plans. If you start with the Advanced Pro Plan for $199.99, you will get a $199.99 credit towards your purchase of the Deluxe Pro Plan.

Why should I start with the Deluxe Pro Plan as compared to the Basic or Advanced Pro Plans?

Although you can always upgrade from the Basic/Advanced Pro Plans to the Deluxe Pro Plan, having full access to the Deluxe Pro Plan during your entire study period is extremely beneficial. One major reason for this is that it allows you to learn and practice the proper science passage reading and CARS strategies from day 1. Practicing the right reading/test-taking techniques on a daily basis is essential in feeling confident on every passage you encounter on test day. Additionally, students enjoy being able to use each mastery course when they need it the most. For instance, after taking a practice exam and discovering that your knowledge of equations is lacking, you can slowly start working your way through the 100 Most Essential Equations Course. Targeting and conquering your weaknesses one at a time is key to earning a top MCAT score.

Do any of the Pro Plans offer access to third-party materials?

Because our program is so customizable, many students start our program already owning the AAMC practice question bundle as well as other practice problems and content books. Our program helps such students organize their use of these materials using our structured eCourse. If we were to provide you with third-party materials as part of our Pro Plans, we would have to raise our prices by several hundred dollars, causing students who already own the materials to get charged twice. Our goal is to give you the very best value possible.

What third-party materials will I need in addition to the Deluxe Pro Plan?

The only material you will need in addition to the Deluxe Pro Plan is the AAMC practice question bundle.

When will my access expire?

All our products are a one-time payment for lifetime access. 🙂 While other test prep companies have strict expiration dates for all of their plans and programs, we do not believe that is fair to you. You deserve to be able to access what you purchased until you have taken the MCAT and are satisfied with your score.

Can I defer my payment or pay in increments over time?

Yes! At the checkout page, you can select Pay Over Time for any product over $200. Many students who are looking to avoid paying upfront really enjoy this Pay in Four option. It allows you to get started on any premium package for only 25% paid up front. The payment plan will automatically charge outstanding balance in 25% increments monthly (30 days, 60 days, and 90 days), and it’s completely interest free!

Can I share my account with a friend or relative?

We trust that you will not share our products with your friends, relatives, or even siblings. In return, we offer you our support and the lowest price out there. MCAT Self Prep is a family business, which provides a livelihood for those working hard to provide you with quality test prep. By offering students lifetime access to our pro plans, we run the risk that you will share your account with others, ruining our ability to make a living. Instead of having expiration dates for plans or implementing strict security protocols, we believe in having a relationship of trust with you. Please treat us with kindness and respect in return.

Do you offer a Higher Score Guarantee?

Our Ultimate CARS Strategy Course, Science Passage Reading Strategy Course, and Deluxe Pro Plan are all backed by our Higher Score Guarantee. We promise that if you use one of these resources and your score doesn’t improve, we will give you 100-percent of your money back. Most test prep companies simply offer to let you retake the course, but we offer lifetime access no matter what and if your score doesn’t improve we give you your money back. We are completely confident that our courses will work for you.

How long does it take to complete the Deluxe Pro Plan?

One of the things that students love the most about MCAT Self Prep is that all of our courses are go-at-your-own-pace. Although we do provide recommendations as to how much time to spend on each course (helping you focus your efforts on your most challenging areas), you can spend as much or as little time as you’d like on each course. While it is always optimal to work your way through our resources slowly over an extended period of time, we’ve had many students complete all the major Deluxe Pro Plan courses during just their final month of MCAT studying, providing a significant boost to their scores. No matter when or how you decide to work your way through our resources, we are confident you will find them to be beneficial in helping you reach your goal.

Can I fit the Deluxe Pro Plan resources into my final phase of studying?

The Deluxe Pro Plan resources can easily be fit into your final phase of MCAT studying. In fact, many students have found these resources to be especially helpful during the final study period.

The 5,000+ Quizlet Flashcard Collection allows you to quickly review every single concept taught by Khan Academy, Kaplan, and Princeton. The Memorization Courses such as the Metabolic Pathways Mastery Course and 100 Most Essential Equations Mastery Course allow you to quickly review the most highly-tested topics. Most importantly, the Ultimate CARS Strategy Course and Science Passage Reading Strategy Course allow you to learn key passage reading techniques in a step-by-step, go-at-your-own-pace manner.

Fitting these resources into your final phase of MCAT studying will allow you to steadily increase your scores on full-length practice exams and ultimately your score on test day. I’ve seen this for many students such as Adrianna (see her testimonial) who boosted her score from a 508 to a 521 by using the Deluxe Pro Plan during her final study phase. I would highly recommend it.

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