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Periodic table to add as question hint:

References: Content Review Books

References: Khan Academy (remember to change the link to the video for the exact time)

Questions that require a math calculation: References: Content Review Books, High-speed Math Mastery Course

Questions that require you to remember an equation: References: Content Review Books, 100 Most Essential Equations Mastery Course

Both equation and math: References: Content Review Books, High-speed Math Mastery Course100 Most Essential Equations Mastery Course

Metabolic Pathway-related Questions: References: Content Review Books, Metabolic Pathways Mastery Course

Questions that require remembering the amino acids: References: Content Review Books, Amino Acid Mastery Course

Questions related to MM Kinetics, Galvanic/Electrolytic Cells, Lenses/Mirrors, Capacitors, Bicarbonate Buffer System, Key Brain Regions, Harmonics, Kidney, Germ Layers, Pressures and Boiling Points: References: Content Review Books, 10 Most Commonly Missed Concepts Course

Questions related to Behavioral Sciences: References: Content Review Books, Behavioral Science Booster Course

Questions that relate to experimental procedures: References: Content Review Books, Science Passage Reading Strategy Course

theta – θ θ𝜃

For multiplying two numbers by each other: ×

For scientific notation: ⋅

For enzyme kinetics: Ea   ΔG

pKₐ pKₐ₁ pKₐ₂ OH   H₃O⁺  Ksp  Kb

pH = pKₐ + log([A]/[HA])

μs  μk

α  β π Ω λ σ

½ ⅔

°C  ⁱᴵ buoyency: ρ

Symbols: → ⇌ | ≈ ≤ ≥ ≠ ∓ √

Positive superscripts:





²  ²⁺


Negative superscripts:


⁻²    ²⁻ ⁽⁾ᐟ˙

⁻³    ³⁻







Positive Subscripts and Negative Sign:


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