3 Ways to Maximize Your Thanksgiving Break

For most people, Holiday vacations mean taking a break from school and doing something fun. For students who are in school while studying for the MCAT, however, getting time off from school is a great time to ramp up your MCAT studies. In this week’s MCAT tip, I’m going to outline 3 simple things that […]

How to Use Quizlet to Study For the MCAT

Many premeds are infatuated with Anki, but I found it to be extremely difficult to use as I was studying for the MCAT. Because of this, I simply decided to make all of my notecards by hand. Here are pictures of all the notecards I made while studying for the MCAT: And yes, those are […]

8 Ways to Have Fun While StuDYING for the MCAT

Does studying for the MCAT have you down? Why not spice things up and make it fun using these ten easy-to-implement tips: 1. Think of fun mnemonics Whenever you learn a new term/group of terms that you know is going to be a pain to memorize, think of a silly mnemonic device that will help […]

5 Key Elements of a Good Study Plan

I believe that one of my most important jobs as a tutor is helping my students develop good study plans, and some of my students have followed their plans to achieve scores in the 100th percentile. In this MCAT tip, I want to share 5 of the most important elements of a good study plan: […]

The Most Important Thing to Know About the MCAT

The MCAT is one of the most challenging exams there is. So, if there was one thing you should know about it that would improve your chances of getting a top score, what would that be? Based on our analysis of top or even perfect MCAT scorers, the best thing you can do to score […]

Should You Retake the MCAT? 3 Key Things to Consider

Studying your butt off for months, suffering through an anxiety-inducing test day, and then waiting an entire month just to get a lower-than-expected MCAT score is by no means a pleasant experience. It truly is the worst. It is so bad in fact that many students decide to quit trying to go to medical school […]

What MCAT Score Do I Need?

The MCAT is the only consistent academic measure available to admissions committees. For this reason, the MCAT is more important than your GPA when it comes to Medical School admissions. However, there are several factors to consider before asking what MCAT score you need. Firstly, what is it that you are trying to use your […]

Free and Low-cost MCAT Practice Exams and Questions

Studying for the MCAT doesn’t have to be expensive with hundreds of free and low-cost practice exams and questions at your fingertips. That’s why we created a Free MCAT Prep Course, which structures all of the best free and low-cost materials into an easy-to-follow eCourse. Our free ecourse includes 360 AAMC-styled discrete questions, which are […]

Do you Have a Chance at Medical School Acceptance? Find Out!

You’ve likely heard that getting accepted to medical school is an extremely challenging feat, but just how hard is it, really? Well, out of 53,030 students who applied to medical school in 2020, 30,791 students did not gain acceptance to a single medical school. That means the typical applicant has a 58 percent chance of […]

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Students Make While Studying For the MCAT

I’ve talked with hundreds of students who have taken the MCAT and failed to achieve their goal MCAT score. Through this experience, I’ve noticed some patterns in preparation that can be extremely detrimental to one’s ability to achieve a top MCAT score. In this MCAT Study Tip, I want to outline the three biggest mistakes […]

What Topics Does the MCAT Cover?

Where is the list that contains everything I should memorize for the MCAT?  Sadly, there is no magic notebook that contains every piece of content that you should memorize for the MCAT. The AAMC doesn’t ever explicitly state what content should be memorized vs. what should be understood. For this reason, the best resource we […]

What to Memorize for the MCAT

What should I memorize for the MCAT? The AAMC acknowledges that not every concept is created equal, and has released a website that outlines their content in a hierarchical nature. However, thoroughly reading through this entire website would take up hours and hours of your precious study time. The question of memorizing vs. truly understanding […]

When to Sign Up for the MCAT

How do I sign up for my MCAT test date?  New MCAT test dates for a given year are generally released in October the year before (dates in 2024 will be released Oct 2023). Spots tend to fill up quickly once they are released, so we recommend following the AAMC MCAT twitter to ensure you […]

How I Achieved a Perfect Score (528) on the MCAT

The MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test) is without a doubt one of the greatest struggles that premeds face. It’s most-likely harder, longer, and more important than the SAT, ACT, finals, or any test that you’ve faced. For a lot of us, this intimidation prevents us from performing to the best of our abilities because we […]

MCAT Equations – Should I Memorize Them?

Should I memorize MCAT equations? There are hundreds of equations covered by the MCAT and knowing whether or not you need to memorize all of them is extremely important. The simple answer is that you should not spend your time trying to memorize every single equation that might show up on the MCAT. Why? Because […]

When Should I Start Doing MCAT Practice Problems?

Which is more important? MCAT Practice problems or content review?  The short answer is that both are more important at different times. When you first begin studying for the MCAT, you should be spending the majority of your study time learning the content and a minimal amount of time doing practice problems. Once you have […]

Should I Time Myself While Doing MCAT Practice Problems?

How often should I be doing practice problems?  Our analysis of top MCAT scorers has revealed that those who succeed on the MCAT make doing practice problems the central aspect of their study plan. For this reason, you should start doing practice problems from the beginning of your studies by following along with the FREE […]

The Hardest Part of the MCAT

In my mind, one of the most difficult aspects of the MCAT is that it covers more material than any exam you have ever taken in your life. Think about it, some of the hardest college classes out there are organic chemistry, biochemistry, and physics. Take these classes, plus 6 or 7 more of the […]