What to Memorize for the MCAT

Is there anything I should definitely memorize for the MCAT? This is a tricky question because the AAMC doesn’t explicitly state what content should memorized and what content should simply be understood. For this reason, the best resource we have in knowing what to memorize comes from students who have already done well on the MCAT. Some things that they recommend memorizing include:

  1. Every Amino Acid, its shorthand, and its characteristics. These should be your best friend by the time your test date rolls around.
  2. The major metabolic pathways. From glycolysis to Beta-Oxidation, you should know these pathways forward and backward.
  3. The major hormones and enzymes. When it comes to these important biomolecules, you should at least have a general idea of the structure and function.

What about equations? Do I need to memorize all of those? One of the major regrets of many top scorers is that they spent too much time trying to memorize a large amount of detailed equations. A good rule of thumb is to memorize the simple equations, like F=ma, and to simply understand the long, difficult ones. This will allow you to spend less time memorizing convoluted equations and more time working on truly understanding the material.

How can I get more detailed help in knowing what is important and what is not? One of the most difficult things about the MCAT is that the AAMC has released very little information about what details will be covered on the MCAT. For this reason, it is important to learn from those who have already conquered the exam. We only hire 99th percentile tutors and offer the lowest price, guaranteed. Schedule your first tutoring session to get started today!

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