MCAT Equations – Should I Memorize Them?

Should I memorize MCAT equations?

There are hundreds of equations covered by the MCAT and knowing whether or not you need to memorize all of them is extremely important. The simple answer is that you should not spend your time trying to memorize every single equation that might show up on the MCAT. Why? Because more often than not, the MCAT will give you the equation you need to solve the problem. This doesn’t mean you won’t need to have some equations memorized though. 

Which equations should I memorize?

The AAMC has not outlined in detail which equations should be memorized and which equations should simply be understood. However, as you do more and more practice problems, you will get a feel for what level of equation they will expect you to have memorized. For instance, F=ma is a simple equation that the MCAT will certainly expect you to have memorized. So, while you are studying a good rule of thumb is to memorize simple equations and simply understand the more difficult ones. We’ve created a personalized mastery course that helps you easily memorize the 100 most important equations for the MCAT. This course includes instruction as well as a Quizlet question pack. This course is similar to the Amino Acid mastery course and the CARS strategy course. All of these courses and more can be purchased as a bundle to save money as part of the Deluxe Pro Plan.  

How else can I find out what is important and what is not?

While studying for the MCAT, it can be challenging to know what is important to study and what is not. For this reason, you should highly consider studying with one of our 519+ MCAT tutors. They can give you personalized direction every step of the way, helping you know what is important to study and what is not. Our packages start at prices much below our competitors. Plus, all of our tutors have taken the MCAT recently and have lots of experience. So, get started today by scheduling your first free tutoring session.

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