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Teaching Expertise

Head Tutor—1400+ Hours of tutoring experience, including for the MCAT, Chemistry, and Biochemistry



Turner Mentored Scholar, ACS Outstanding Analytical Chemist, New Century Scholarship

Undergraduate Studies

Major: Biophysics | 3.99 GPA
Minor: Chemistry | 4.00 GPA
Magna Cum Laude

Application Advising

Accepted to eight medical schools, including the top-25 schools UT Southwestern and The Ohio State

MCAT Score

97th Percentile MCAT Score
132 Psych/Soc – Perfect Score

Research Experience

1200+ hours of biochemistry research. First author and other publications in submission process.

More About Spencer

Hey! I’m Spencer, and I love helping people on their MCAT prep journey. I graduated in April 2023 from Brigham Young University with a degree in Biophysics and a minor in Chemistry. I’m currently an MS1 at UT Southwestern pursuing an MD/MPH dual degree. I love teaching all things science; during my undergrad I taught General Chemistry and Biochemistry, and I helped to design an online biochemistry course. Combined with teaching at multiple MCAT prep companies, I have 1400+ hours of tutoring experience. I’ve also spent over 1200 hours in my lab researching anemia and fibrosis, which has given me great hands-on experience to be able to teach biochemistry topics to students in a more applicable way.  

When I first started studying for the MCAT, my friend told me about MCAT Self Prep. I was a little worried at first because I didn’t know if I would be able to keep myself on track. I decided to try it for a month to see what it was like. I’m so glad I did! I love everything about how it’s set up; everything I did was tailored to me and what I needed most. On my first several practice exams, Psych/Soc was by far my lowest score, so I studied those as hard as I could. Using the strategies from MCAT self prep, they became my highest score, and I got a perfect 132 on that section on test day. Another difficult section for me was Chemistry/Physics; my diagnostic score started out in the 20th percentile, but by my last practice test I was consistently scoring in the 99th percentile. During my study I learned how to develop personalized strategies to understand the MCAT inside and out; I eventually found myself anticipating questions while I was reading the passages. I know what it’s like to feel like you’re starting from nothing, and I would love to help you no matter where you’re at in your journey!  

I’m super excited to be a doctor, and I love helping others to become doctors as well. After I took the MCAT and applied to med school, I started helping my friends who were a year behind me to study and apply. I later started to tutor for the MCAT, and compared to other test prep companies I’ve worked for, I’ve been amazed at how individually tailored MCAT self prep is. I absolutely love tutoring here. Before scheduling to tutor with me, be sure to reach out for a free 10 minute phone consultation. 

When I’m not teaching students the difference between the fundamental attribution error and the self serving bias, I’m running marathons, mountain biking or going on walks with my wife and our newborn. I hope to meet you soon so I can help you develop and execute your perfect MCAT study plan. 



Hear What Spencer’s Students are Saying About Him

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


“It was such a blessing to have Spencer as my tutor for Biochemistry. He does an incredible job sharing his passion and knowledge. Spencer has stood out to me above all of my past teachers through his quick willingness to take time out of his day to thoroughly explain and help develop a better understanding in me as he personally and patiently works with me to build my knowledge in biochemistry. He is always prompt to respond to texts, emails, and messages to help me resolve any issues and questions I had while navigating the subject. He truly understands the importance of respecting and maximizing the student’s investment of time. Spencer possesses a unique ability to create an environment where I feel comfortable asking any question, especially about concepts that I feel like I should have already mastered. Each time, he encourages and builds me up as I ask these questions and his confidence and patience while helping me to grow in my knowledge helped me to gain more confidence in my abilities to better master the material. I’m so grateful that I lucked out to have him as a tutor and know that he possesses the leadership and teaching skills necessary to succeed at a high level as an MCAT tutor to help effectively maximize students time in their difficult pursuits.”

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


Spencer is a wonderful tutor, I’ve loved learning MCAT material from him. He is great at explaining difficult concepts in easy to understand ways and connecting concepts we learn across different chapters. He also has a gift for answering questions and understanding what students mean when they are confused about concepts. He is very kind, patient and dedicated to helping his students. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to do better on the MCAT and understand the concepts needed to succeed on the test better.

MCAT Prep Course


Spencer is a very effective tutor. He goes above and beyond to help students understand the material in a very accessible way. He’s creative in the ways he teaches in order to adhere to the needs of the students. I can confidently say he genuinely cares about the students he tutors. I’ve felt like he’s on the side of the students, and will put in the hours to fulfill the needs of the students. He’s very personable and lets you feel validated during the learning process. He’s very effective in breaking down difficult concepts, and checking for understanding along the way. He always brings positive energy to the tutoring session, and I always feel like he’s excited to meet with me. Altogether, I would definitely recommend Spencer as a tutor.

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


Spencer is one of the smartest and hardest working people I have ever met, and those qualities translate to his abilities as a tutor. He knows how to work with people and inspires you to figure things out on your own first, before being told. One thing that stood out the most was how much he actually cared about the students more than just getting in hours. I had a question over a difficult concept, and instead of leaving me to my own devices he took time outside of his tutoring schedule to research and find out what the proper answer was. He teaches clearly and concisely and I found his style to be easily understandable, whether it be in general chemistry, physiology, or biochemistry (and any other science topic!). He performed very well on the MCAT, and I know that he would do an exceptional job tutoring others to the success that they are looking for on the MCAT.

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


Spencer is a legend at BYU for teaching, and he excelled in all of the skills required for the job. He was an excellent communicator, incredibly responsive to emails and questions, and was always willing to help. I don’t think he ever redirected a question or asked to get back to it later. His teaching style was adaptable to fit different learning styles, and he was willing to adopt different approaches if a concept was ever asked to be explained differently. He used time extremely well while making the content engaging. Any student would be extremely lucky to have him as an MCAT tutor. I recommend him 110%.

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


Spencer is a great tutor. He helped me through some tough concepts in biochemistry this last semester. I was really drawn to him as a tutor through his initial interest in my success as a student. Spencer is very knowledgeable and made difficult concepts easier to understand through teaching me and then having me work through the problems by myself. His enthusiasm cultivates a culture of curiosity and learning. Spencer helped me to gain confidence in myself to have the knowledge to make it through the course. He is very easy to work with and an overall exceptional individual.

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


My interactions with Spencer as a tutor are phenomenal. I am consistently impressed not only by his dedication to master the material that he has stewardship to teach, but in his personable way he teaches his students. I’ve also been impressed by his technological prowess and how he incorporates adaptive learning methods into his teaching. If I need help or am confused about something he is the first person I would turn to.”

MCAT Prep Course


Spencer is the best tutor I have ever worked with!  His combination of professionalism (especially with punctuality and response time), knowledge, and friendly attitude make it easy to succeed and learn.  He is constantly looking for ways to help his students including creating the most thorough and best presented systems for learning concepts that I have thus far encountered.  If someone wanted to have the best tutor possible to succeed, especially in science based studies, Spencer is the clear choice.  You will learn the material, gain a deeper understanding of science in everyday life, and see your scores significantly improve.   I recommend him without reservation.” 

MCAT Self Prep Deluxe


Spencer is an exceptional teacher, and I would highly recommend him to anyone as a tutor for the MCAT. I really benefited from his teaching style and felt that I had a better grip on the material each time I learned from him. Spencer is also very considerate of his students and will take time to answer questions and explain difficult concepts rather than rush through material. Spencer is genuine in his concern for your success and would go above and beyond offering help with medical school applications and answer questions. Spencer is not only a great teacher, but also a great motivator. Spencer made me feel like I could do well on the MCAT, which has helped me push through the rigor of MCAT preparation. I would recommend Spencer over other mentors based on these qualities to be an MCAT tutor, and I believe he would be a great fit and a good team player at any MCAT tutor institution.

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


Spencer is a great tutor and a great mentor.  He has helped me feel much more confident to perform to the best of my ability.  Spencer has been an especially good tutor, because he focuses on the individual.  Many tutors treat their tutoring tasks as just “another job”, but Spencer has clearly demonstrated to me that he puts time and effort into preparing for each tutoring session, and answers individual questions according to individual needs.  Spencer is intelligent and has outstanding knowledge about the MCAT and its moving pieces. Something specific that I remember about Spencer was that he would lead me to finding the answer for myself.  Many tutors just give the correct answer to the student, but Spencer asks follow up questions to help the student think deeper and find the answer for themselves.  This process helped topics stick in my head much better and allowed me to avoid making the same mistake twice.  I recommend Spencer and his ability to teach difficult topics to students in need.  He will help anyone looking to improve their MCAT score!  Feel free to contact me with any questions.

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


I highly recommend Spencer as an MCAT tutor. Spencer is an extremely qualified and well rounded tutor that is incredible at teaching and understanding students. Subjects as difficult as Biochemistry, were made more understandable and easier to digest through Spencer’s teaching techniques. He speaks eloquently which makes complex concepts easier to learn and he is knowledgeable about the subjects that he teaches. Spencer is great at guiding students in their way of thinking which allows them to learn the concepts and techniques for themselves in lasting ways. Spencer is also very light-hearted, outgoing and extremely easy and fun to work with. He won’t hesitate to have fun learning and teaching. If you’re looking for an amazing tutor and a high MCAT score, Spencer is your guy!

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


Spencer has taken hours of his time outside of his normal schedule to teach me biochemistry. He created a plan to get me on track and has supported me on every step. He has celebrated my successes while also making me feel valued when I struggle. Instead of shaming me if I fall behind, he takes extra time to support me and acknowledge where I’ve done well. It’s helped me feel more confident in myself and do well on exams. He is also able to take any biochemistry topic and break it down into simple pieces so I can learn the material quickly. I believe Spencer will make his MCAT students feel supported and confident in their abilities while thoroughly covering MCAT material.

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


Spencer is an incredible tutor. He has a distinct ability to break down difficult material into easily understood concepts, and always makes extra effort to ensure his students understand what he is teaching. He relates to the various thought processes of others and is able to think as they do to not only explain the material in ways they understand, but help them discover the answers for themselves. He is fun and engaging, and I would highly recommend him as an MCAT tutor!

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


Spencer was a great tutor while I was taking biochemistry. He was very down to earth with us students and got straight to the material that we needed to know in order to succeed. His confidence regarding the material helped me feel that I was receiving the information I needed without any hesitation and I knew that I was getting accurate information. His teaching style helped me do well. Without his help, I do not believe that I would have done as well.

MCAT Prep Course - Best MCAT Prep Course Free - MCAT Tutor


Spencer is a great tutor who can teach you anything you need to know! He is great at explaining the why behind concepts so that you can apply those same principles to MCAT questions. He can explain difficult material at your own level and is great at encouraging and supporting your success! He is personable, genuine, and honest with feedback! I highly suggest him if you want to get the MCAT score that opens every door.”

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


Spencer is a remarkable tutor, I would without reservations recommend him for his ability to teach science concepts. He simplifies difficult science concepts, making it easy for all his students to understand. Instead of simply telling me the answers he enabled me to think critically and slowly guided me to truly understand the material. Apart from his ability to teach science, I believe Spencer’s humanistic approach to teaching is what sets him apart. Spencer has an awesome personality, and he is extremely fun to work with. I would once again, recommend Spencer without reservations to anyone looking to boost their MCAT scores!

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


For the past 5 months, I have had the privilege of having Spencer teach my MCAT prep. The first thing that stood out to me after meeting Spencer was his thorough teaching style. I have received lessons from around 7 different tutors and I have to say that Spencer was the most involved with his students. I always found it disconcerting when some of the tutors would “check out” towards the end of the meeting. However, Spencer never did this. I knew that he would be giving me his full effort throughout the entire time and expected that I do the same. In addition to this, he did an excellent job of ensuring that we worked out problems ourselves while guiding us when necessary. He wanted to challenge us and let us work through issues first before providing us with an explanation. In that same vein, Spencer is a man who takes into consideration every detail and every student. Lastly, I want to be imperative when I say that Spencer is dedicated to his craft. I can promise you that when he is teaching, he is fully present.

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


Spencer’s enthusiasm and dedication to teach difficult concepts in an easily digestible format has been critical to my success. This is evident through his ability to guide the conversation to help you think in different ways to break down questions. I have appreciated my time being tutored by Spencer and could not recommend him enough.

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


Spencer has been a very helpful tutor in my biochemistry course and would make a fantastic MCAT tutor! He is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to ensure we have the resources needed to be prepared for our exams. He is also perceptive and notices when a student is not understanding a specific topic. When this happens, he is eager to break down the topic and ensure they are proficient in the material. I have been very appreciative of his help and know many other students would benefit from his help as well!

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


Spencer would be an outstanding MCAT tutor, and I could not recommend him enough. I had the opportunity to spend three hours a week being taught by Spencer. What makes Spencer so special is his calm demeanor that would be refreshing to students who may be feeling extremely stressed and overwhelmed. This calmness projected a quiet confidence which made me feel confident that I would be able to learn and understand the material like he had. Additionally, Spencer is incredibly dedicated. He answers emails faster than any other teacher I had ever had and was so willing to answer questions outside of his typical time. Spencer is the type of teacher that genuinely cares about all his students. What sets Spencer apart from any other teacher I have ever had is his natural and humble abilities. He would be an incredibly understanding, engaging and knowledgeable MCAT tutor.

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


Spencer is an impressive individual. He isn’t only an excellent teacher, but an overall genuine person. His ability to teach science subjects was critical in helping me be successful. I was grateful for the time he took to timely and clearly take difficult concepts and unravel them for me. I would highly recommend Spencer for any teaching job for he won’t only help the student improve in his ability to learn the subject but also inspire them to accomplish more in their personal life. He has become a true friend and role model to me.

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


Spencer was a fantastic tutor who showed concern for if I understood the material. He was willing to take the time to explain every concept that I didn’t understand and made sure that I was following. It was obvious that he was qualified and gave his honest opinion which made it easy to trust and learn from him. I’m sure he will do great in whatever he pursues!

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