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More About Riley

Hi there! My name is Riley, and I’m so excited that you’ve found your way to MCAT Self Prep! I personally found my way to medicine and to MCAT Self Prep through my loved ones. My dad was an Emergency Room physician that practiced primarily in our small farming town. Seeing his impact on our community sparked both my interest in medicine and my interest in working with underserved populations.

When I started preparing for the MCAT, I knew I could not slap my preparation together haphazardly and get the results I wanted. Thus, I took a consistent, balanced, and reflective approach. I targeted my weaknesses, used active-recall flashcards fanatically, and closely monitored my progress–all hallmarks of the MCAT Self Prep model. A few months later, I found myself delighted with my 99th percentile score and eager to share my strategy for MCAT success with others!

In my free time, I’m an avid surfer and musician. While they are both a total blast, surfing and music have also made me respect two things: pattern recognition and perfect practice. Learning wave patterns helps me catch the waves others miss, and trying difficult pieces over and over again has made me a better guitarist. Thus, they are now the foundation of my approach to the MCAT.

As a tutor, I help students break questions down into basic and recognizable pieces and then make that process a reflex. Unlike endless content review, I believe this helps students adapt quickly and not be scared by obscure and complex passages. Furthermore, this gives us plenty of time to identify your most common errors and fix them.

As an anthropology major, I also recognize that we all live and learn in different ways. Thus, I am committed to building a plan that fits your needs. With MCAT Self Prep’s resources and strategies, I am confident we can build that plan and get you a fantastic score. I sincerely look forward to working with you!


Hear What Riley’s Students are Saying About Him

MCAT Prep Course - Best MCAT Prep Course Free - MCAT Tutor


“Riley has helped me tremendously with my MCAT studying. Not only with approaching material, but also with planning out my studying schedule. He has an abundant number of resources, all of which were extremely helpful for practice and testing myself. He is also great to work with, he showed a great amount of care and interest in my improvement and was there to help me whenever I needed him. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know who is studying for the MCAT.”
MCAT Prep Course - Best MCAT Prep Course Free - MCAT Tutor


“Riley is an excellent tutor who focuses on teaching fundamental details within concepts necessary for learning. He is a very kind and patient person who creates a positive learning environment for any student looking to improve their understanding of the material, no matter what their familiarity with the material may be. Riley has significantly helped me internalize difficult and abstract science concepts with ease and I would most definitely recommend him to anybody seeking to improve their MCAT knowledge and test-taking ability.”
MCAT Prep Course - Best MCAT Prep Course Free - MCAT Tutor


“Riley is an incredibly patient individual. He emphasizes the fundamentals first and then thoroughly explains more complex ideas. He is the kind of person that never made me feel silly even when I asked the most basic questions. I highly recommend Riley to anyone who is trying to prepare for the MCAT or any other subject. I know very few people who have the depth and breadth of understanding that he does.”

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“Riley is an extraordinary communicator and is an excellent tutor for any student. Riley speaks clearly and intelligently, successfully explaining complicated ideas and figures in relatable terms for any person to understand. Riley has an uncanny sense of empathy when interacting with people regardless of their background. My time with Riley has left me with a greater understanding of all of the topics that we discuss.”

MCAT Prep Course - Best MCAT Prep Course Free - MCAT Tutor


“Riley is an incredibly patient, kind, and helpful person, and he’s great at explaining complicated concepts in an accessible way. He advised me on MCAT preparation and gave insight on which resources were useful and worth the time, as well as how best to plan my study schedule to be successful. He has such a bright and sunny personality that is fun to be around, and he always pushes you to be your best. I highly recommend Riley as a tutor to help raise MCAT scores!”
MCAT Prep Course - Best MCAT Prep Course Free - MCAT Tutor


“I really enjoyed working with Riley as a tutor because he helped me in more than one way with my medical school application. When I started working with Riley, I had already taken the MCAT and scored a 501. From the very first meeting, he helped me with creating a personalized study schedule and also with questions I was working on. Because of my prior experience with taking the MCAT, he ensured that most of my time was spent on practice problems and I think that really helped to highlight where I had issues so I knew what to work on. I also enjoyed the zoom method of tutoring because of how flexible it was. Due to where I live, I was unable to get any tutoring done in person so this was able to work best with my schedule. I also enjoyed the one on one system vs the group tutoring I had previously used. Here, my specific problems were worked on and there were no distractions. He also helped with advice on how to write my personal statement and work/activities essays which helped my application stand out. I got a 506 on my second MCAT and I have received acceptance into 5 medical schools so far so I am grateful for Riley’s help.”

MCAT Self Prep Deluxe


“I had applied to medical school during a previous cycle but unfortunately was not accepted into any programs at that time. Prior to this recent application cycle, I decided I wanted some extra help to ensure I was putting my best foot forward. I’m extremely happy that MCAT Self Prep connected me with Riley. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the application process and things that stand out to admissions committees. In addition, he went above and beyond to schedule sessions at times that worked better for me and was even willing to meet last-minute before some application deadlines. As with many other students, I am not very good at talking about myself and struggled a lot with writing a strong personal statement. Riley really helped me put my story into words and create an essay that I’m proud of. I wish I could show the “before” and “after” of my personal statement from my first application cycle versus now. Riley also helped immensely with my secondary essays and with interview preparation. Because of all his guidance, I was accepted into my dream program at VCU School of Medicine! I am incredibly grateful for MCAT Self Prep and Riley and couldn’t recommend them enough. Thank you!”

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