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MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor



MCAT Score

521 – 98th Percentile

Science GPA


Undergraduate Studies

BA in Psychology – Emory University

Pre-Medical Post-Bacc – UT Austin

Special Expertise

Scored above 90th percentile on all sections; scored 100th percentile on the Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior section; scored 98th percentile on the Critical Analysis and Reading section.

Medical Education

Currently applying. Wish me luck!

In-person Availability

I am prepared to hold sessions online via Zoom or GoogleMeet, or in-person for folks in the Austin, TX area.

More About Dylan

Hi there! My name is Dylan and I am looking forward to working with you as you start the exciting chapter of applying to medical school. Having taken the MCAT recently (June 2022!), I know that this test can feel like an enormous hurdle. I am so excited to work with you on strategies to break this challenge down so that you feel 100% confident on exam day.

I am a non-traditional medical school applicant. I graduated from Emory University with a Psychology major and a Global Health minor in 2016. After graduation, I worked in Digital Strategy in New York City. I decided to pursue medical school after doing some work in healthcare advocacy and started my medical school pre-requisites at the University of Texas at Austin in 2021.

As an undergrad, I decided not to pursue a pre-med track after convincing myself that Chemistry just wasn’t for me. After returning to complete my pre-reqs, I earned straight As, LOVED all of my chemistry courses, and have gone on to work as a General Chemistry TA. Having to experiment with a couple learning styles before Chemistry really clicked has equipped me to help people with a variety of backgrounds learn and excel. Nothing makes me happier than working with students to find the right tools and right style for them, building the confidence to know that they can excel in any subject. I would love to work with you to find the tools and style that will work for you to crush the MCAT. As a non-traditional applicant, I am also well-versed in the challenges of balancing work, family, school, and studying. If you are operating on a tight schedule, I would love to help you optimize your time.

When I’m not studying, I love hiking, paddle boarding on Ladybird Lake, and being outside. A little bit of fresh air goes a long way when MCAT prep starts to feel stressy. I can’t recommend it enough!

I hope you are excited to start this next chapter! I am confident you can earn a score you are proud of, and I am looking forward to helping you find the strategies that work for you.



Hear What Dylan’s Students are Saying About Her

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


Dylan is great at meeting you where you’re at and figuring out what you don’t understand. She has helped me to learn more deeply and independently by acknowledging what I had correct and interactively helping me fix what I had wrong.”
MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


“Dylan’s main strength is explaining how to solve a problem step by step. Dylan explains complex problems in short steps. Her explanations helped me understand not only specific questions but also the concept behind the question, allowing me to learn and improve.”
MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


Dylan was a huge help for me in figuring out a plan and strategy for applying to medical schools in the 2023-24 cycle. In a single hour, she gave great feedback on my personal statement, helped me figure out a plan for other things I could do to prepare for med school, and helped me work through a list of schools that would be good choices based on my stats. I can wholeheartedly recommend her services!

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


“Dylan is very patient and receptive to questions. She helped me get caught up when I was feeling behind multiple times. I honestly cannot think of anything she should improve. She does a great job.”

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


“Dylan does a great job at clarifying the steps to a solution as well as how to fix any mistakes along the way. She’s been so helpful at explaining problems and answering my questions in a clear way. She’s engaging, patient, and always takes the time to fully and completely answer questions.”

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


“Since my first session with Dylan, I felt like I was in good hands and that everything I need to know would be found. She helped me so much with my interviews and applications, and also made me feel so confident. she helped me see how far I have come despite the many obstacles I have faced. She always helped me find a way through things, and helped me feel at ease. I trust every word and comment she has to offer and actually see her as a role model that I hope to be like one day. She is very understanding and supportive, giving clear feedback and comments. It is a privilege to work with someone like her during very stressful times. With her help, I know with full confidence that I will succeed and reach my goals.”

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


“I loved working with Dylan. She is so patient and thorough in her explanations. She’s also very encouraging. She clearly believes that everyone is capable of doing well and anyone can be successful. She also goes above and beyond in teaching online, taking the time to share her screen and clearly write or draw out explanations, then giving me time to repeat back my understanding to make sure everything clicked.”

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


“I only met with Dylan once, but she was extremely helpful during our meeting and made a huge difference in my application process. She was very well prepared, having already read though my AMCAS primary application and came up with a few school suggestions based on my LizzyM score. Perhaps most importantly, Dylan was very confident in my application and made sure I knew that she believed in my chances of getting into medical school. As a reapplicant, I wanted to make sure I did not repeat the same mistakes of my first application and she was enormously helpful in making sure I understood how to choose schools to apply to, what to include in my secondaries, and offered to split our consulting time between choosing schools and reviewing some secondaries to make sure I got the most help possible. Dylan was an amazing tutor, and I would highly recommend her!”

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