The 1 CARS Approach That Always Works

How long does the Ultimate CARS Strategy Session take?

If watched at normal speed, this 5 video series will take less than 60 minutes. I promise it’s worth it!

How do I access the 100+ Free CARS Passages?
In the final lesson of the Strategy Session, you will receive detailed instructions for gaining immediate access to the 100+ Free CARS Passages.
Do I need to complete every video in the Strategy Session?

This strategy session builds a solid foundation for your CARS studying. In order to achieve a top CARS score, you will need to devote many hours to studying. The effectiveness of those study hours will determine whether your score in the 50th or 90th percentile. The tips I share in this Session will help you make the most of every minute you have to study for CARS, maximizing your CARS score. For this reason, you’ll need to watch each video.

Can I watch this faster?

It is crucial that you watch the entire Intro Session so that you don’t miss a single one of my essential tips for MCAT success. For this reason, you won’t be able to skip forward through the video; however, feel free to increase the viewing speed to 2x the speed if you’d like. Just make sure to pay careful attention as these tips will make or break your MCAT score.