5 Ways to Have Fun While StuDYING for the MCAT

Does studying for the MCAT have you down? Why not spice things up and make it fun using these five easy-to-implement tips:

  1. Think of fun mnemonics. Whenever you learn a new term/group of terms that you know is going to be a pain to memorize, think of a silly mnemonic device that will help you remember it. For instance, if you are trying to keep the differences between enantiomers and diasteriomers straight, you might think of the following: “Enantiomers are Equal mirror images, but Diasteriomers will DIE because they are not.”
  2. Study with a friend. Studying for the MCAT all day everyday can get very lonely (and depressing). Instead of fighting it out alone, why not find a friend who is also studying for the MCAT? They can hold you accountable, test you on concepts, and make studying a little more exciting. You can find a study buddy by joining our Facebook Study Group or by starting an MCAT Self Prep Study Group at your University!
  3. Incorporate videos. Many students tell me that they get bored to tears reading content review books, and I totally get that. Videos are a much more engaging and interactive way to experience the content. This is why I’ve incorporated high-quality YouTube videos from Khan Academy, Udemy, CrashCourse, and AK Lectures throughout our Free eCourse. It’s also why I’ve created MCAT Question of the Day videos. So, if you are starting to zone out while reading, why not take a break and watch some videos?
  4. Become an MCAT Doctor. If you haven’t noticed, when you study with our Free eCourse you earn points, which increases your standing on the website. Once you earn 528 study points, you will attain the prestigious rank of MCAT Doctor.  Points can be earned for anything from studying daily and completing modules/mastery courses to referring your friends to our site. It’s especially fun to compete with your friends to see who will increase their rank the fastest. Click here to learn more ways to earn study points.
  5. Get serious with MCAT Battle Gear. It can feel draining to dedicate several months of your life to a standardized test. Instead of seeing studying as a chore, why not view it as a grand battle? The MCAT is your warzone. And you can put on your study armor with our sweet MCAT battle gear. You’ll be the talk of your physics class with this awesome swag:

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After reading this post, I hope you will start to have a little more fun with your MCAT studying! And please consider me your friend in this study journey. I am here to help!

Warm regards,

Andrew  George

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