• Zachary Reinstein

    Zachary Reinstein

    Tutoring Profile

  • MCAT Score

    100th Percentile (Scored Above the 97th Percentile in Every Section)

  • Undergraduate GPA


  • Undergraduate Studies

    Molecular Biology Major with a Minor in Chemistry

  • Medical Education

    Applying/Interviewing for MD-PhD programs; Currently Receiving Secondaries for Top-10 Schools such as Stanford and Johns Hopkins

  • Special Expertise

    Practice Question Writer and Editor for MCAT Self Prep and Testing Solutions; Scored 99th Percentile or Higher in CARS, Biochemistry/Biology, and Behavioral Science Sections; Significant Chemistry/Biology Lab Experience

  • In-person Availability

    Although most of Zachary’s sessions are conducted online via video call, he is currently available to meet with students on campus at BYU

More About Zachary

Hi! My name is Zachary Reinstein, and I am very excited to start working with you toward a top MCAT score. I love biology, I love research, and I love medicine. My hope is that as you study for the MCAT with me, not only will you get an amazing score, but you will develop a greater love and understanding for the human body.

Because of my varied interests, I currently applying to be physician-scientist at several institutions throughout the United States, and I am already receiving secondaries from top-10 schools such as Stanford and Johns Hopkins. This is a long track, but it will provide me with the tools I need to run a research lab and cancer clinical trials in the future.

Studying for the MCAT required a lot of self-discipline, but the tools from MCAT Self Prep and the guidance of my tutor kept me on track to succeed at a fraction of the cost that many of my friends paid for comparable programs. I was personally tutored and mentored by MCAT Self Prep’s Founder and CEO, Andrew George, so I am well acquainted with the MCAT Self Prep approach to conquering this test. I also have over a year and a half of experience as a volunteer tutor for chemistry and biology. As we study together, I will provide you with the same tools I used to get a top score, allowing you to reach your MCAT goals.

Beyond studying for the MCAT and doing research, I love to do a lot of things for fun and to keep busy. I swim to stay in shape, and I go camping and hiking to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. I also enjoy going to concerts in order to unwind a little bit. I have one younger sister who is starting college this year and happens to be a genius. Oh, I also lived in Africa for two years, which was pretty cool. Tutor with me and I’ll tell you about the time I saved my Congolese friend from being eaten by the hyenas!

I am excited to get to know you and help relieve the stress for you surrounding the MCAT. Feel free to contact me using the form below, and we can set up a time to do a free 10-minute phone consultation. I hope you sign up to tutor with me!



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