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MCAT Score

98th Percentile

Undergraduate GPA


Undergraduate Studies

Pure Chemistry and Biological Sciences Double Major

Special Expertise

Chemistry/Physics (99th Percentile) Biology/Biochemistry (99th Percentile) Psychology/Sociology (98th Percentile) Biotechnology Research Lab Experience

Medical Education

Current MS3 at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

In-person Availability

Although most of my sessions are conducted online via video call, I am currently available to meet with students on-campus at Vanderbilt University.

More About Manohar

Hello everyone! I am Manohar and I am a third year medical student at Vanderbilt Medical School.

I have extensive experience tutoring students in both an individual and group setting. Additionally, outside of being a tutor I have always organized and led study groups in nearly all of the challenging classes that I have taken. With this experience, I know that each and every student learns the material in their own unique way at their own pace. I enjoy seeing each student’s unique perspective of the content, and then adjusting my tutoring accordingly.

Although I had a good 4.0 GPA, I knew that I would need a really high MCAT score because I was an international student and went to a small state school. I used MCAT Self Prep and went through all the well-organized video playlists and quizlet flashcards for each content module. I supplemented this with the use of the AAMC’s question packs and practice exams and felt very prepared going into the exam. Just from seeing my own score increase by working hard and learning the material effectively using the MCAT Self Prep resources, I know that attaining a high score is not something that only certain students are inherently capable of. It is something that everyone is able to do, and I would love to use my experience to help you all in doing well on the MCAT and reach your goal of becoming a physician.

Wellness, both physical and mental, is something that is very important to me and I ensure I always maintain a good work-life balance. So when I am not tutoring or studying, I enjoy playing sports, working on artwork, and singing. In undergrad, I played badminton and cricket, and am going to continue playing them in medical school. Additionally, I also really enjoy running under deep passes while playing flag football and ultimate frisbee. When I feel like I want some alone time to reflect, I love working on art while singing tollywood and bollywood songs. All of these activities help me make sure that I always have something good to look forward to even if I am having a tough day. Doing well on the MCAT is important, but it’s also important to take care of yourself.

I know how daunting the MCAT can appear, and I felt the same way when I was in your shoes. However, I promise that I will be there for you every step of the way so you can reach your target score. I hope that you choose me as your tutor, and if you have any questions before signing up for your tutoring package, feel free to contact me using the form at the bottom of this page to set up a time for a free 10 minute consultation. I am looking forward to getting to know you soon!



Hear What Manohar’s Students are Saying About Him

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


“Manohar is an excellent tutor who helped me ace the MCAT. What I really admired about his tutoring style was how he analyzed each option and provided reasoning for why it was incorrect. He also made sure that I was thinking critically about each question and truly understood what the question was asking. He was able to break down complicated science concepts for me to understand. I would definitely recommend him for anyone who needs to boost their MCAT score. He is smart, friendly and passionate about teaching the material.”

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


“From my experiences working with him, Manohar is a great tutor. He specifically helped me with organic chemistry, and he was able to help me understand complex reaction mechanisms by boiling them down to individual steps with simpler concepts. He was always very patient, even when I was having trouble understanding a concept, and so I know Manohar would make a great tutor for anyone trying to learn MCAT subjects.”

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


“Manohar is a great mentor and tutor. After having him tutor me in most of my science classes, I can attest to his ability to bring out the best in people. No matter how complicated the concepts were, he would simplify them and calmly illustrate how they would work. He also helped me study for my MCAT, and the results were positive. I would recommend Manohar to anyone who wants to study for the MCAT or anyone who is looking to improve on their scores.”

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


“Not only is Manohar a good friend, he is also a great tutor! Manohar was very thoughtful in selecting questions to challenge individuals’ MCAT knowledge, but he was also very creative in reasoning through the questions from different angles. I believe this flexibility would translate well into an MCAT tutoring setting as Manohar could help students identify their specific needs in understanding concepts or questions. In addition, Manohar is a fun person to work with, and I have total confidence that he would excel in this setting.”

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor


“Throughout my college career I have never met someone more academically gifted, motivated and willing to help others than Manohar. He was always able to clearly explain concepts whenever I encountered any trouble in understanding. Likewise, Manohar demonstrates the ability to easily and effectively adjust his teaching methodology based on the student’s approach to learning and comprehension. Moreover, Manohar explained tailored study methods for different types of material, aiding in better understanding of tricky subjects. Along with these well-established teaching and communication techniques, Manohar always brings a positive and supportive attitude to each session. Equipped with these attributes, Manohar is a natural educator and comes with my highest recommendation for an MCAT tutor.”

MCAT Prep Course - MCAT Tutor -


“Manohar really helped me out with understanding the MCAT itself. I had been struggling for a year trying to get my score above a 500. I was initially scoring between 492 and 497. I started working with Manohar about 3 months before my test day. In that short time I was able to increase my score to a 502. I am really grateful for Manohar’s patience in explaining concepts and practice questions.”

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