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MCAT Tutor



MCAT Score

99th Percentile Overall

Research and Work Experience

Postgraduate Research Associate at the Yale School of Medicine

Undergraduate Studies

Psychology with a Neuroscience concentration

Special Expertise

Chemistry/Physics (97th Percentile) CARS (99th Percentile) Biology/Biochemistry (100th Percentile)

Medical Education

Matriculating in the Fall of 2023

In-person Availability

Video call

More About Justin

Hi there! I’m Justin, and I am excited to work with you toward the MCAT score of your dreams! I graduated from Yale University in 2019 with a degree in psychology with a neuroscience concentration. I have years of experience working with bright and driven students such as yourself to reach their highest potential, and I cannot wait to get started with you!

I’m a runner at heart, and I found this skillset translated surprisingly well to the undertaking of preparing for the MCAT. At the start of my MCAT studying, I felt overwhelmed by both the depth and breadth of the material tested. How can someone be reasonably expected to master so many subjects? Throughout my studying, however, I came back to the same mantra that’s gotten me through many grueling races: run the mile you’re in. Learning to apply this mindset on a consistent basis to my studying was an integral aspect of my eventual success. It can be discouraging to think about how far away you may be from your goal and concentrating my efforts on improving one day at a time helped focus my preparation and improve my overall well-being. 

Using MCAT Self Prep’s approach, I was able to devise a study plan that allowed me to move at my own pace. My diagnostic score was more than 30 points below the score I earned on test day, and I credit so much of my improvement to the effective guidance I received from MCAT Self Prep. As a tutor, I love helping students with each section of the MCAT, but I most enjoy teaching Chemistry/Physics and Biology/Biochemistry. In our sessions, I’ll share my tips and tricks for making both of these sections a breeze!

I’m currently working as a postgraduate research associate at the Yale School of Medicine. I’ll be matriculating to medical school in the Fall of 2023 (hopefully somewhere warmer than Connecticut!), where I hope to continue my research. In my spare time, you can usually find me on the tennis courts practicing my serve, training for my next race, or out in downtown New Haven, trying a new dish at one of our many exceptional restaurants. 

If you think I may be a good fit for your learning style, feel free to reach out to me! We can schedule a free 10-minute consultation by phone and take it from there if it seems like a good match. 


Hear What Justin’s Students are Saying About Him

MCAT Prep Course - Best MCAT Prep Course Free - MCAT Tutor


“Justin was an exceptional tutor! He did a great job of not moving too quickly or slowly through all of the practice material. He always came ready for each session with a smile and prepared to answer all of my questions. I know for a fact that I would not have been as successful without his guidance throughout my studying. If you’re getting ready for the MCAT, Justin is the guy for you!

MCAT Prep Course - Best MCAT Prep Course Free - MCAT Tutor


“I think what made Justin such an effective tutor for me was how he was able to make the sessions not feel like work. As funny as it sounds, I really looked forward to our weekly sessions because he made it such an enjoyable experience. I think that, because I enjoyed it so much, I was able to get so much more out of our time together than if it had just felt like a slog to get through. I improved 13 points on my retake from my first MCAT and I’m so grateful to Justin for helping me get there!

MCAT Prep Course - Best MCAT Prep Course Free - MCAT Tutor


“Honestly, I was ready to give up on medical school before I started working with Justin. I had already taken the MCAT twice and hadn’t even cracked 495 on either attempt. I worked with Justin for about 3 months and during that time, he showed me how to attack problems in a whole new way. Problems that used to seem impossible to solve became easy points after working with him. He did a great job of helping me gain confidence in myself, and I would never have been able to score a 511 on test day without him. I cannot recommend Justin enough to anyone who needs tutoring.”

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“I really can’t say enough about Justin, as both a tutor and a person. Obviously, I’m so grateful for everything he did to help me achieve my dream MCAT score (a 516!), but I think the time I spent with him did so much for me beyond the MCAT. He’s such an encouraging person, and he instilled such a sense of confidence in me that I’m not sure I ever would have found on my own. I’m starting medical school this year, and I know that the lessons I learned from Justin and the belief in myself that I found from working with him will go a long way toward helping me do well in school.

MCAT Prep Course - Best MCAT Prep Course Free - MCAT Tutor


“I had worked with other tutors in the past and had come to the conclusion that it was kind of a waste of money. After a free consult with Justin, his genuineness convinced me to work with him to improve my score. Without a doubt, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. He was such a kind and understanding tutor and never made me feel dumb for not knowing something. I really appreciated the way he would walk through a question with me instead of just giving me the answer. He’s a great tutor!”

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