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Which MCAT prep books are the best? 

After analyzing the experiences of over 50 students that scored between the 95th and 100th percentile, we came to the conclusion that there isn’t a “best” MCAT prep book. We came to the conclusion that the students that score well on the MCAT tend to use a variety of content review books instead of relying on a single resource. For this reason, you should find a couple of different content review resources, whether they are books or videos, and use them both. Some popular options are the Kaplan and Princeton Review books which can be bundled with practice tests to save money. 

What other materials should I use to prepare?

 Besides using a couple of content review books, you should also be sure to utilize practice problems. We only recommend using the official practice problems produced by the AAMC, the people that wrote the MCAT exam. Most practice problems written by the mainstream test prep companies are sub-par and full of typos. Why practice on anything but the real deal? After all, our FREE eCourse has a built-in score converter, allowing you to convert the percent correct you score on AAMC practice problems into an estimated scaled MCAT score. 

How can I make a solid MCAT study plan? 

Making your MCAT study plan is the most important step in your MCAT preparation. For this reason, you should utilize the help of our 519+ MCAT tutors. They will help you make a personalized study plan that will guarantee you MCAT success. Our tutoring packages start at just $149. Get started today by scheduling your first tutoring session.

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