When Should I Start Doing MCAT Practice Problems?

Which is more important? MCAT Practice problems or content review? The short answer is that both are more important at different times. When you first begin studying for the MCAT, you should be spending the majority of your study time learning the content and a minimal amount of time doing practice problems. Once you have most of the content under your belt, you will be ready to give practice problems the majority of your focus. The final month should largely be spent doing practice exams.

When should I start doing practice problems? You should make practice problems an integral part of your MCAT study plan from day one. Doing so will allow you to figure out your strengths and weaknesses and build your study plan around improving where you need it most. While you may think that you need to know all the content before you start doing practice problems, this is not the case. You will be surprised by your ability to answer practice problems with very little content under your belt. This is largely due to the fact that most MCAT questions are passage based.

What else can I do to spend my study time wisely? Sometimes it can be hard to know how much time to spend on certain study activities as opposed to others. This is why it is essential to study with someone who has already conquered the MCAT. Our 99th percentile tutors will be able to help you make a personalized study plan, helping you milk every minute of study for all it is worth. They will guide you in a step-by-step manner to MCAT success. Schedule your first tutoring session to get started today.

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