Using Google Meets

Not sure how to use Google Meets? Here’s a step-by-step of how it is done:

(1) Google Meets does not work well with other web browsers, so make sure that you are using Google Chrome. Otherwise, be sure to download it:

(2) Log into gmail. If you do not have a gmail, it is extremely easy to create a free account.

(3) Ensure that you are in a location with a strong internet connection.

(4) Click the Join Google Meets link provided to you in the confirmation email for your appointment.

To make sure Google Meets/Hangouts is going to work during your tutoring session, be sure to try it out with a friend or family member first using this step-by-step guide:

(1) To start a video call, simply go into your gmail, input the gmail email of your friend into the search bar, click on “hangout with this contact,” and then on “invite to Hangouts” in the little window that pops up.

(2) Your friend will see an invite to Google Hangouts in the bottom left corner of their gmail screen, which they should click on:

(3) Once they have accepted the invite, click on the little video icon:

(4) Your friend can simply click on “Answer”:

If there are issues once you are in the video call, you can use the following help guide. And if you simply cannot get Google Hangouts to work, let your tutor know, and you will be able to work out an alternative option such as FaceTime, Skype, etc. Please be aware that there are no perfect video call programs out there and there are many factors outside the control of both you and your tutor (the internet connection, computer speed, etc). No matter what happens, your tutor will do their very best to help you have the best experience possible.