How to Study on Your Own for the MCAT

Can I study on my own for the MCAT? According to the AAMC, almost half of the students that take the MCAT study for it on their own. While most test prep companies will try to sell you on the idea that you need their $4,000 program to succeed, this just isn’t the case. Our analysis of over 50 students that scored between the 95th and 100th percentile revealed that the students who get a top score tend to use a variety of high-quality resources. Studying with a test prep company may actually hamper your ability to prepare in a well-rounded manner.

How can I study on my own? Studying on your own entails a few simple steps. First, you need to set a goal. Next, you should make a plan that will result in the attainment of your goal. Finally you need to execute your plan while measuring your progress toward reaching your goal. The MCAT Self Prep eCourse will walk you through these steps in an easy-to-follow manner. 

What if I need a little support? One thing that stops many students from studying on their own is that they are worried about staying on track toward their goal without a structured program. The MCAT Self Prep tutoring program is the answer to this problem. Our program entails one-on-one tutoring sessions with 99th percentile MCAT tutors who will help you stay on track toward reaching your goal. It will give needed structure to your self-study MCAT plan. Schedule your first session to get started right away!

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