How is the MCAT Scored?

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How is the MCAT scored? 

The MCAT is scored in a fairly straightforward manner. Typically, each section is composed of 50-60 questions and your score is based on what percent of those questions you get correct. With the COVID-abbreviated MCAT (May 29th – September 28th), each multiple-choice section will contain only 48 questions. Your percent correct for each section will then be converted to a scaled score that runs between a 118 to a 132. The purpose of the scaled score is to create a score that is consistent across times of the year and testing center locations.

Does it matter when or where I take the MCAT? 

Some students worry that if they take the MCAT in the Spring, they will be competing against better students than another time of the year. Or they might worry that all the students at a certain testing center will do better than them giving them a better score than if they took the test at a certain location. Thankfully, the AAMC grades the MCAT in a way that makes it fair no matter when or where you took the exam. The AAMC takes over a month to score MCAT exams. This is likely due to the fact that they are spending careful time trying to ensure a fair score for every student. This time also allows students to submit any concerns they have about exam questions or testing conditions.

How can I get a top MCAT score? 

Getting a top score comes down to having the right plan and the right support. The FREE MCAT Self Prep eCourse is based on the experiences of hundreds of students who scored between the 95th and 100th percentile. The first phase of our eCourse will walk you through making an MCAT plan in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner. Also, our tutoring packages start at just $149 and entail one-on-one tutoring sessions with 519+ MCAT tutors. 

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