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Is the typical MCAT content exciting? Sorry to break it to you, but the content covered on the MCAT is not going to be very exciting to most of you. It is doubtful that many of you are going to finish your MCAT study sessions thinking, “Man, I wish I could just cancel my hot date tonight, and study this stuff all day long!”

How am I supposed to remember what I am not interested in? This is where something called the personalization memory technique comes to the rescue. Because most of the content is not exciting or memorable in and of itself, it is up to you to put it in a memorable context, your personal life. For instance, you could simply struggle to memorize that the free rider problem is a general term describing the decrease in motivation caused by a lack of individual responsibility. Or, you could make this concept come alive by thinking of how your roommates are very unmotivated to clean the apartment. This is due to them having a shared instead of individual responsibility for the cleanliness of your apartment. Now, that is something you can remember. You might even want to teach it to your roommates…

What else can I do to make MCAT content more memorable? There are many memory tricks out there, but our eCourse will walk you through only the most important techniques in a step-by-step process. Using our techniques, every piece of content will be fresh on your mind come test day. Hurry and get instant access to our Free eCourse at no cost to you!


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