Free and Low-cost MCAT Practice Exams and Problems

Studying for the MCAT doesn’t have to be expensive with hundreds of free and low-cost practice exams and questions at your fingertips. That’s why we created a Free MCAT Prep Course, which structures all of the best free and low-cost materials into an easy-to-follow eCourse. Our free course offers 360 free AAMC-styled discrete questions, which are built into quizzes within each lesson, and 2,500+ practice questions available with our Advanced Pro and Deluxe Pro plans. This is the best way to test your ability to answer MCAT style questions as you learn the material taught in each lesson of our e-course.

AAMC Practice Exams and MCAT Practice Questions

The most foolproof way to practice for the MCAT is to practice on the real thing, and the AAMC practice materials are as close as you can get. I’d recommend buying the Online Only Bundle as well as the AAMC Flashcards (Note: the access code only lasts for one year, so don’t buy these resources more than a year before your MCAT test date). This bundle will provide you with access to over 3,000 practice questions and 5 Full Length MCAT practice exams. At MCAT Self Prep, we took all the extra practice passages and questions (Question Banks, Section Banks, and AAMC Flashcards) and organized them into what we call “AAMC Mini-Exams.”

These Mini Exams act as the diagnostic exam at the end of each Content Module, so you can craft your studying around your progress. Using the MCAT Self Prep Score Tracker found in our Study Plan Spreadsheet (part of the Basic Pro Plan), you will also be able to convert your percent correct on these practice problems into a predicted scaled MCAT score, giving you a clear idea of how close you are to reaching your MCAT goal. Even if you already utilized these practice problems in your previous MCAT attempt, I would recommend doing all of them over again. THEY ARE THAT IMPORTANT!

Other MCAT Practice Problems

The only times that you will need to utilize other practice materials than those already mentioned is for a diagnostic exam and for MCAT Bootcamp. Diagnostic exams need to be accurate to gauge your current knowledge and how much you need to improve to get a competitive MCAT score. Because an accurate score is so important, we recommend the Official Guide Questions from the AAMC (essentially a half-length exam) for this. If you have used this in the last few months or absolutely don’t want to buy it now, you can look below at some of the free half length exams, but know your true skill level may be a few points above or below their predicted score, since they are not written by the AAMC and their scoring algorithm may not be representative. This is why we don’t believe in putting third party diagnostic exams on our platform.

MCAT Bootcamp is your last month before the MCAT and you will be doing two practice exams per week. Because the AAMC only has 5 full length MCAT practice exams, you will need to get a few more from third party resources. As mentioned in MCAT Launchpad, however, there is no need to spend much extra money on these. You can access several practice materials for free or at a low price using the links below:

Comprehensive List of Free & Low Cost Practice Exams

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If you have any questions about this list or our Free MCAT Prep Course, please feel free to reach out! I am here to help!

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