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1. Login to Quizlet: You can login to Quizlet here. Or, if you don’t have a Quizlet account, you can create one here.

2. Follow the link found in each lesson to sample the flashcards pertaining to that lesson’s content.

3. For the full (5,000+) Flashcard collection, you will need to upgrade to the Advanced Pro Plan

Simply Smart

1. If you started with Free Forever or Basic Pro after Nov 28, 2022, copy the serial key found in your order confirmation accessed via your orders page. If you placed your order before that date, please send us a message so we can generate a serial key for you.

2. Login to Simply Smart. Or, if you don’t have an account you can create one.

3. In the Simply Smart Flashcards web app, click the profile icon in the top right corner, and click “Add Serial Key”. Paste the serial key from step 1 and select the product that is associated with the serial key.

4. Click activate and find the pre-made content in your stack library.

Practice Question Sets

1. Navigate to the bottom section of each lesson within the eCourse to begin the End-of-Lesson Mastery Quiz.

2. Click “Start” 

✔ We recommend finishing each quiz that you start because our quizzes currently do not save your progress. 

✔ You can retake & revisit quizzes at any point during your studying. 

Quizlet FAQs

I purchased a Pro Plan, but I don’t know how to access the Quizlet set.

1. Check your email for a purchase confirmation, which provides you with steps to access the Quizlet set.

2. If you didn’t receive one, you may need to add my email ( to your contacts so they are sent directly to your inbox instead of spam. Then, carefully follow the instructions on this page to enroll.

I followed the instructions to access the Quizlet set, but it didn’t enroll me.

Send us a message and we can manually add you to the set. Please include your Quizlet username and the set you are trying to access.

I can access the Quizlet sets on, but I can’t on

1. Make sure you are logged into your account before visiting our online eCourse otherwise the Quizlet sets will not display properly.

2. Check and make sure you are using the Pro Version (as found here) and not the free version on

3. If this doesn’t solve the problem, then it is likely an issue that we are aware of and are actively trying to fix. In the meantime, try using and alternative browser (Firefox, Edge, Mozilla) or accessing the sets directly on

I am having trouble accessing a Mastery Course Quizlet Set.

1. Check your email for a purchase confirmation, which provides you with steps to access the Quizlet set. If you didn’t receive one, you may need to add my email ( to your contacts so they are sent directly to your inbox instead of spam.

2. Instructions for joining a set can also be found at the top of the Mastery Course page under the heading “Access Quizlet Sets” for Behavioral Science Booster Course, or “How to Access this Course’s Quizlet Sets” for the rest.

3. If you are still having trouble, Send us a message. Please include your Quizlet username and the set you are trying to access.

I have been added successfully to the Pro set, but I can’t access all the cards on

This usually occurs when you are accidentally using the “free version” on Quizlet instead of the Pro Version found here.

I am experiencing a different Quizlet issue.

If you have a question that is not addressed above, please Send us a message explaining the issue in detail and we will respond as quickly as possible.

End-of-Lesson Quizzes FAQs

Are these quizzes an accurate portrayal of AAMC style questions?

Although we are not writing passages to go along with questions, these questions are meant to be similar to the AAMC discrete-style questions, which make up a quarter of each science section. Whereas our Quizlet is meant more for learning the content, these quiz questions test your ability to understand what was taught in this lesson. You should not use percentages from our quizzes to predict your MCAT score, though, since only full length exams and AAMC questions should be used for that.

Is there a way to make the periodic table larger?

We are currently working on making the periodic table larger, but for now, there are two options. You can zoom the browser in to read that periodic table, or you can open a periodic table up in another tab for quick reference.

Why can’t I see answer explanations until the end of the quiz?

Because there may be multiple questions testing similar or related concepts, we do not show answer explanations until the end of the quiz. This is similar to when you take full length exams, and gives a more accurate representation of what you knew before starting that quiz.

Are these quizzes going to replace our existing flashcards?

No, we are creating these quizzes as an extra resource for our students! Our 5,300+ Quizlet flashcards are a great learning tool that have helped many students and our tutors score in the 97th+ percentile. These quizzes are just another way to test your understanding, and require a deeper understanding than our notecards require.

What is the best way to use these quizzes?

We recommend using these quizzes as the last thing you do in a lesson before moving on. You should thoroughly learn the material by watching our videos, referencing content review books, and using our Quizlet before trying these quiz questions. Some students may also want to do them as a part of their “Final Practice” lesson to confirm their understanding.

How can I provide feedback on these new quizzes?

We currently have two feedback links below each quiz. One is for your general feedback on the quizzes and what we can add or improve upon. The other is if you see an error or typo in a question or a question’s explanation. We value your feedback as we try to make the best study resources possible as you prepare for your MCAT!

How we Matched up the Khan Academy Passages with the eCourse Lessons

Each lesson of the eCourse contains links to 1 to 5 Khan Academy science passages for the purpose of providing you with non-AAMC material to practice your science passage reading skills on. By completing all the linked passages within every lesson, you will have finished all the freely available Khan Academy science passages.

To match up the Khan Academy Science Passages with the eCourse lessons, we carefully examined the passage and question content of each one. Then we decided which lesson of the eCourse best correlated with that content. You may notice that some passages don’t match up perfectly with the current lesson. If they don’t match up with the current lesson, they should match up with one of the previous lessons in the module. We did this carefully so that you could practice your science passage reading skills on passages that contain the content you’ve already learned.

Why we don’t recommend non-AAMC CARS practice questions

We recommend practicing CARS by reading non-AAMC CARS passages but not doing the associated practice problems. The reason we don’t recommend doing the practice problems is because the MCAT is written by the AAMC. They have a very unique style in which they write CARS practice questions that third-party companies (try as they might) are unable to replicate. When students spend time on non-AAMC CARS practice problems, they get familiar with the wrong style of questioning, leading them to overthink and incorrectly respond to the questions written by the AAMC. Thus, it is in your best interest to solely practice on AAMC CARS practice questions.

That said, we highly recommend practicing your reading skills on non-AAMC CARS passages. In our Ultimate CARS Strategy Course, we provide you with 1,000 free CARS passages and 100+ homework assignments, giving you ample material to practice on. Reading countless passages while practicing the proper reading habits and strategies will prepare you well to conquer the CARS section as it was written by the AAMC.

Which books do the lessons match up with?

The books we use in each lesson are linked below. We plan to stick with these older editions of the books since very little has changed and the older editions are much more affordable:

First Edition of the Kaplan 7-book Series
First Edition of the Princeton 7-book Series

Do the chapters match up perfectly?

The Kaplan Books, Princeton Books, and Khan Academy Videos were all produced by different authors. For this reason, there are some chapters in the Kaplan Book or Princeton Book that are not even found in the Khan Academy Videos and vice versa. For instance, the Kaplan and Princeton Books have chapters that cover certain experimental procedures that the Khan Academy Videos do not cover.

Our goal in matching up the books with the videos was to correlate the content as best as possible while also covering ALL the content from every resource. For this reason, when nothing in the Kaplan Books matched up with one of the video playlists, instead of leaving the reading assignment for Kaplan blank, we inserted material that did not fit in anywhere else (i.e. one of those chapters on an experimental procedure that was not covered by Khan Academy). So, when the assignment doesn’t appear to match up right, please know that this was intentional.

*If you follow the reading assignments outlined, you will finish the entire Kaplan 7-book series and/or Princeton 7-book series by the time you finish all 10 content modules.

Do the sections match up perfectly?

If the sections assigned in our eCourse do not match up with the sections contained in your content review book, you may have a different edition. The sections should still match up the large majority of the time, but in the rare instance that they don’t, I’d recommend simply reading sections that do match up and saving the ones that do not for a future lesson.

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