End-Of-Lesson Mastery Quizzes FAQ

End-of-Lesson Mastery Quizzes FAQs

Are these quizzes an accurate portrayal of AAMC style questions?

Although we are not writing passages to go along with questions, these questions are meant to be similar to the AAMC discrete-style questions, which make up a quarter of each science section. Whereas our Quizlet is meant more for learning the content, these quiz questions test your ability to understand what was taught in this lesson. You should not use percentages from our quizzes to predict your MCAT score, though, since only full length exams and AAMC questions should be used for that.

Is there a way to make the periodic table larger?

We are currently working on making the periodic table larger, but for now, there are two options. You can zoom the browser in to read that periodic table, or you can open a periodic table up in another tab for quick reference.

Why can’t I see answer explanations until the end of the quiz?

Because there may be multiple questions testing similar or related concepts, we do not show answer explanations until the end of the quiz. This is similar to when you take full length exams, and gives a more accurate representation of what you knew before starting that quiz.

Are these quizzes going to replace our existing flashcards?

No, we are creating these quizzes as an extra resource for our students! Our 5,300+ Quizlet flashcards are a great learning tool that have helped many students and our tutors score in the 97th+ percentile. These quizzes are just another way to test your understanding, and require a deeper understanding than our notecards require.

What is the best way to use these quizzes?

We recommend using these quizzes as the last thing you do in a lesson before moving on. You should thoroughly learn the material by watching our videos, referencing content review books, and using our Quizlet before trying these quiz questions. Some students may also want to do them as a part of their “Final Practice” lesson to confirm their understanding.

When will quizzes be added to more lessons?

We currently have a team of student interns and tutors for each of the five subjects in our free e-course, and they are writing questions in sequential order. We are adding quizzes as soon as they are written, and our goal is to have quizzes in all lessons by Spring 2022.

How can I provide feedback on these new quizzes?

We currently have two feedback links below each quiz. One is for your general feedback on the quizzes and what we can add or improve upon. The other is if you see an error or typo in a question or a question’s explanation. We value your feedback as we try to make the best study resources possible as you prepare for your MCAT!