Before Studying for the MCAT

How Should I Start Studying for the MCAT?

The first thing you will want to do as you start studying for the MCAT is to set an MCAT goal. Setting an MCAT goal will give you needed direction as you decide how much time to devote to studying. It will also help you as you make your MCAT study plan. The first phase of the MCAT Self Prep eCourse will help you set a good MCAT goal. 

What Should I do Next?

After you make your MCAT goal, you will want to make your MCAT study plan. This is the most important step in your MCAT preparation. With a good MCAT plan, you will know exactly what you need to be doing every day in order to reach your goal. Our 99th percentile MCAT tutors can help you make a personalized study plan that will guarantee you MCAT success. They will follow up with you each step along the way to make sure you are on track toward reaching your goal.

What Else Should I be Doing?

Besides setting your MCAT goal and making your MCAT study plan, you should also learn the best way to practice for the MCAT. The MCAT Self Prep eCourse will show you how to get thousands of free and low-cost practice problems. You should also figure out a way to review material that you have already studied in an effective, efficient manner. Not only does our eCourse cover making your MCAT goal, making your MCAT plan, and practicing effectively, but it will also teach you an advanced system of review that will allow you to have every piece of content fresh on your mind come test day. Get started today by completing your free registration

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