When to Start Studying for the MCAT

When should I start studying for the MCAT? It can be easy to feel like the MCAT is so far away and that you will just study for it when you have time. While it is smart to focus on maintaining your grades, getting shadowing hours, and preparing your medical school application, it is important to remember that the MCAT is the only consistent academic measure that admissions committees have at their disposal. Getting a high score should be one of your top priorities. And because there is so much material covered by the MCAT, you are going to need time to sufficiently cover all of it.

Which is more important? MCAT or GPA? Both are extremely important, but think about this: an A at a community college is different than an A at Harvard. The MCAT, however, means the same thing no matter where you went to school. For this reason, MCAT will likely be weighed heavier in the minds of admissions committees. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice one for the other though! While you are studying for your biochemistry class, why not study the biochemistry section of an MCAT content review book and do some MCAT practice problems that cover biochemistry related concepts? This way, you will be killing two birds with one stone.

How do I get started? It can be overwhelming to think about starting to study for the most important exam in your life. But, there are small steps you can take to get started. Our Free eCourse will get you started, helping you make a goal for what you want to get on the MCAT. This will give you direction as you make your MCAT study plan during the first phase of our eCourse.  The best part is that our eCourse only requires you to study an hour a day during the first three out of four phases. Also, be sure to schedule your first tutoring session with one of our 99th percentile tutors. They will help you make a stellar MCAT study plan that will guarantee you MCAT success.

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