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I’m so glad that you decided to study with us! My experience studying for the MCAT taught me that not only is it possible to study on one’s own but it is preferable to studying with one of the mainstream prep companies since it allows you to carefully customize your prep and center your studying around a wide variety of the best resources. The best part is that with MCAT Self Prep, studying on your own doesn’t mean being alone. In addition to the thousands of students that are joining every month, I am always available and happy to help! Just shoot me a message using one of the many contact forms on the site, and we’ll be in touch.

Andrew George
CEO & Founder

My Gift to You

You now have full access to all of the following and more!

10 Content Modules

Learn all the content as outlined by the AAMC using the 150 easy-to-complete lessons from our Free MCAT Prep Course.

Video Collection

Our eCourse features 300+ hours of video content that can be watched at 2x the speed!

MCAT Bootcamp

This final module outlines exactly what you need to accomplish during the one month leading up to your test date, and it includes links to several free full length exams.

Weekly MCAT Study Tips

The hardest part about the MCAT is knowing how to prepare. These tips emailed out on a weekly basis will keep you on track.

MCAT Question of the Day

Delivered straight to your inbox each morning, our daily MCAT practice questions come complete with video explanations, keeping your MCAT skills sharp.

Facebook Study Group

Self studying doesn’t have to mean studying alone. Find study buddies, get advice, and have fun.

Quizlet Diagrams

Our 100+ Quizlet Diagrams allow you to review the visual information and key terms taught by Khan Academy in a fun and interactive way! They can even be studied on the go using the Quizlet App!

Khan Academy Notes

Students love our 100-page comprehensive document containing the definition for every single Behavioral Science term taught by Khan Academy.

Strategy Sessions

Learning the MCAT content is only half the battle. You must learn how to strategically approach the test-taking aspects of this exam. During these Strategy Sessions, I share my 1 approach that ALWAYS works.

What’s Next?

Before randomly jumping into one of our resources, you’ll want to get oriented by completing the MCAT Launchpad. During this Free Intro Session, I will teach you my most important MCAT study tips, including the 6 Keys to Earning a Top MCAT Score, the 5 Essential Elements of an Effective Study Plan, 12 Tips for Taking the Best MCAT Study Notes, and more!

Free Intro Session

During this 90-minute session ($1,500 value), Head Tutor Andrew will teach you his most valuable tips.

High Value Power Topics

Andrew will teach you the 6 Keys to Earning a Top MCAT Score, the 5 Essential Elements of an Effective Study Plan, 12 Tips for Taking the Best MCAT Study Notes, and more!

Successful Results

Students who have followed Andrew’s guidance and program have achieved 100th percentile MCAT scores.

One-on-one Assistance

Throughout the entire Intro Session, you can send Andrew a message and expect a personalized response via email within 24 business hours. He is always happy to help!

Detailed Orientation

Andrew will provide you with a detailed overview of the MCAT and his Free MCAT Prep Course.

Unlock Access

After attending MCAT Launchpad, you’ll gain full access to our Free MCAT Prep Course, including the 10 Content Modules, our 300+ hour video collection, and MCAT Bootcamp.

MCAT Launchpad Power Topics

The 6 Keys to Earning a Top MCAT Score

Andrew and many of his students have achieved 99th+ percentile MCAT scores. Following the six keys to success are what make it happen. Learn all six during this jam-packed session.

The 5 Elements of an Effective Study Plan

Whether you are just getting started or well into your MCAT studying, this session will help you create or revamp the exact game plan you need to achieve MCAT success.

12 Tips for Taking the Best MCAT Study Notes

Andrew will teach you the ins and outs of his advanced note-taking and review system that allows his students to have every single MCAT concept 100-percent memorized on test day.

The 5 Fundamentals of Test-taking Strategy

The MCAT requires advanced test-taking strategies due to its notoriously difficult passage-based questions. Andrew will give you an overview of his proven, research-based strategies.

A Look Inside the Free eCourse

MCAT Prep Course - Andrew George MCAT Self Prep

Join Me for a Free Intro Session

Andrew has successfully led several of his students to achieve 100th percentile MCAT scores. He has had students start below the 30th percentile go on to achieve a score above the 90th percentile. He has worked one-on-one with hundreds of students and has vast experience as a professional practice question writer and analyst for the MCAT and DAT exams.

The key principles taught during this intro session are what allow students to achieve success no matter their unique situation.

How we Matched up the Khan Academy Passages with the eCourse Lessons

Each lesson of the eCourse contains links to 1 to 5 Khan Academy science passages for the purpose of providing you with non-AAMC material to practice your science passage reading skills on. By completing all the linked passages within every lesson, you will have finished all the freely available Khan Academy science passages.

To match up the Khan Academy Science Passages with the eCourse lessons, we carefully examined the passage and question content of each one. Then we decided which lesson of the eCourse best correlated with that content. You may notice that some passages don’t match up perfectly with the current lesson. If they don’t match up with the current lesson, they should match up with one of the previous lessons in the module. We did this carefully so that you could practice your science passage reading skills on passages that contain the content you’ve already learned.

Why we don’t recommend non-AAMC CARS practice questions

We recommend practicing CARS by reading non-AAMC CARS passages but not doing the associated practice problems. The reason we don’t recommend doing the practice problems is because the MCAT is written by the AAMC. They have a very unique style in which they write CARS practice questions that third-party companies (try as they might) are unable to replicate. When students spend time on non-AAMC CARS practice problems, they get familiar with the wrong style of questioning, leading them to overthink and incorrectly respond to the questions written by the AAMC. Thus, it is in your best interest to solely practice on AAMC CARS practice questions.

That said, we highly recommend practicing your reading skills on non-AAMC CARS passages. In our Ultimate CARS Strategy Course, we provide you with 1,000 free CARS passages and 100+ homework assignments, giving you ample material to practice on. Reading countless passages while practicing the proper reading habits and strategies will prepare you well to conquer the CARS section as it was written by the AAMC.

Which books do the lessons match up with?

The books we use in each lesson are linked below. We plan to stick with these older editions of the books since very little has changed and the older editions are much more affordable:

First Edition of the Kaplan 7-book Series
First Edition of the Princeton 7-book Series

Do the chapters match up perfectly?

The Kaplan Books, Princeton Books, and Khan Academy Videos were all produced by different authors. For this reason, there are some chapters in the Kaplan Book or Princeton Book that are not even found in the Khan Academy Videos and vice versa. For instance, the Kaplan and Princeton Books have chapters that cover certain experimental procedures that the Khan Academy Videos do not cover.

Our goal in matching up the books with the videos was to correlate the content as best as possible while also covering ALL the content from every resource. For this reason, when nothing in the Kaplan Books matched up with one of the video playlists, instead of leaving the reading assignment for Kaplan blank, we inserted material that did not fit in anywhere else (i.e. one of those chapters on an experimental procedure that was not covered by Khan Academy). So, when the assignment doesn’t appear to match up right, please know that this was intentional.

*If you follow the reading assignments outlined, you will finish the entire Kaplan 7-book series and/or Princeton 7-book series by the time you finish all 10 content modules.

Do the sections match up perfectly?

If the sections assigned in our eCourse do not match up with the sections contained in your content review book, you may have a different edition. The sections should still match up the large majority of the time, but in the rare instance that they don’t, I’d recommend simply reading sections that do match up and saving the ones that do not for a future lesson.

MCAT Launchpad Required!

Before jumping into our free eCourse, you’ll need to complete orientation by watching MCAT Launchpad. During this free 35-minute intro session with Head Tutor Andrew, you’ll learn 6 Keys to Earning a Top MCAT Score, the 5 Essential Elements of an Effective Study Plan, 12 Tips for Taking the Best MCAT Study Notes, and more! Andrew will also provide you with a detailed overview of the Free MCAT Prep Course, teaching you how to get started.

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