• Theo Bennett

    Theo Bennett

    Tutoring Profile

  • Awards

    Barry Goldwater Scholar, 2 x Garth Lee Undergraduate Teaching Award, Brubaker/Ward Scholar

  • MCAT Score

    A perfect score of 528

  • Undergraduate Studies

    4.0 GPA Majoring in Neuroscience

  • Special Expertise

    100th percentile in all four sections (Chem/Phys, CARS, Bio/Biochem, Physch/Soc)

  • Research Experience

    3000+ hours across multiple disciplines. Currently conducting research at Stanford Medical School.

  • Teaching Experience

    600+ hours of experience as a teaching assistant in General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.

More About Theo

Hi! My name is Theo!

I’m currently applying to medical schools and finishing up my degree in Neuroscience at Brigham Young University. I grew up in Montana and so I’ve been spoiled by lazy summer rivers, the coldest powder in North America, and a stillness experienced only around high alpine lakes. I love pounding ski slopes, downhill single-tracks, and cool granite faces in my spare time. Recently, I’ve started running ultramarathons and I hope to run the John Muir trail in California next summer.

I started my MCAT journey completely lost. I knew that I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a prep course that wasn’t catered to my needs, but I didn’t know how to study on my own until I found MCAT Self Prep. With MCAT Self Prep, I was able to structure my study trajectory to ultimately achieve a perfect 528 score on the MCAT. Now, I am so excited to give back to students and teach you what I learned! As a teaching assistant, I’ve won multiple awards for my ability to personalize my teaching with clarity. I’ll be able to walk you through how I studied and the strategies that I used for CARS, science passages, and tackling tricky discrete questions. But more than the strategies, I hope to help you understand the MCAT so you can walk into the test with the mindset that you need in order to succeed.

I also hope to help you on your journey through applying to medical school, from getting research experience to crafting your narrative with volunteering. With previous research, I have published five papers (three of them as the first author), presented at multiple conferences, and won awards for those presentations. I’ve also won national awards for my research, volunteering, and academic merit.

The last thing that you need to know about me is that I am passionate about mental health. My dad lives with bipolarity and it has been very formative as I’ve become older. I feel obligated to speak up about mental illness because so few people do and it has lead to some incredible opportunities. At 17, I delivered a TEDx talk about my experiences with my dad and through that, I started speaking for mental health organizations all around the country. So if you find yourself struggling with your mental health while studying for the MCAT, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Feel free to ask me any questions at: [email protected]

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Hear What Theo's Students are Saying About Him

  • "I'm a junior now, but Theo was first my tutor when I was in my freshman general chemistry class. I know from going to other TA's test reviews, and his, that he was definitely the best TA in our class. Ever since then, he's been a chemistry TA for other teachers, but one which I still go to for information, and clarification. One key thing that I've noticed Theo does, is he really takes the time to understand not only the process of solving problems, but truly making sure that he understands the concepts so well that he can explain WHY a certain path will lead you to the answer. Because of this, he is able to work well with students who may approach things a little differently, and adequately address their needs in a kind, but very direct and helpful way. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for help studying in any subject, especially for the MCAT."



  • "Theo is a stellar tutor. He went above and beyond to help me understand difficult chemistry ideas and concepts. He is a very friendly and approachable person and helped me to get out of my comfort zone and participate more when tutoring one-on-one. I would, without a doubt, recommend Theo to anyone looking to work towards an incredible MCAT score."



  • "Theo is one of the most outstanding students I have ever known. Both in an academic sense and from a character standpoint, he demonstrates a high standard. Despite this, he maintains a humble attitude that helps him relate to everyone in a personal way. I would strongly recommend him as a tutor, as he could give great help to any student preparing for the MCAT. Theo has a dynamic personality that makes him fun to be around and is a great tutor. I know that he would help any student to increase their score on the MCAT."



  • "I had Theo tutor me all throughout organic chemistry and all I can say is that he is a phenomenal tutor. He is able to teach the content in a clear and precise way with many examples and practice problems to match. If you're looking for an MCAT tutor look no further as he has had years of practice tutoring many college students and I was lucky enough to be one of them."



  • "During my study for the MCAT, Theo would often clarify scientific principles in a way that I could understand them. I worked for hours to fully comprehend certain MCAT materials but it wasn’t until Theo explained it that I felt confident. He genuinely cares for the success of the students he tutors and will do anything to help them accomplish their goals. Studying with Theo is a lot of fun because of his happy demeanor and positive attitude. I highly recommend Theo as an MCAT tutor. He knows how to organize a successful study plan and will help boost anyone's MCAT score. "



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Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan is right for me?

If you are not sure which plan is right for you, simply request a free consultation with Andrew and he will point you in the right direction. He’s worked with hundreds of students and knows what you’ll need to achieve your goal in your unique situation.

What are sessions like?

Unlimited Tutoring offers support in a variety of formats: Unlimited Tutoring Forum. Through posting on our forum, you may ask questions about anything you’d like and expect a reply within a few hours. The forum is perfect for getting questions answered related to a concept you’ve been struggling to understand or a stand-alone practice question that you just can’t figure out. Strategy Sessions. One of our Elite Tutors hosts a webinar once per week during which they will walk you through an entire AAMC passage and all of its associated questions. They are 60-90 minutes long, allowing for ample time to cover the passage from beginning to end while highlighting the strategies needed to understand it and correctly respond to the questions that follow. Study Plan Advising Sessions. We’ve found that the most effective use of one-on-one sessions is getting help with your study plan. During Study Plan Advising Sessions, an Elite Tutor will discuss your background, strengths, and struggles and help you develop a game plan fit to your unique situation. These sessions are 30 minutes each, and you can follow up as many times as it takes to reach your goal.

Can a tutor help me with my study plan?

Our Elite Tutors’ primary focus is on helping you know what and how to study in order to achieve MCAT success. They understand that having an effective study plan is the number one determining factor regarding whether you will reach your goal MCAT score. For this reason, they will focus on helping you develop and follow a customized study plan unique to your needs. They all scored in the 97th+ percentile using the MCAT Self Prep Program, so they know what it takes to achieve MCAT success.

Will Unlimited Tutoring help me during my final month of MCAT studying?

Yes! The final month of studying is actually the best time to take advantage of Unlimited Tutoring. You will be doing many full-length practice exams during your final month, and you will be able to post as any difficult practice questions you encounter to our Unlimited Tutoring Forum where you can receive detailed explanations from our Elite Tutors. Additionally, the Weekly Live Strategy Sessions will help you develop a consistent approach that will allow you to tackle the most difficult MCAT passages. Study Plan Advising Sessions are also extremely helpful as you try to decide what and how to study during the final month. Students find that working with someone who has already conquered the exam to be very reassuring during the most stressful period of studying.

I need help with the CARS section. Can an Elite Tutor help me with that?

If you really struggle with CARS, we’d highly recommend our Ultimate CARS Strategy Course. This course includes 10 Virtual Video Sessions with Head Tutor Andrew (a $4,499.90 value) in which he will walk you through key research-based reading strategies that have helped many of his students improve their CARS scores by 40 points.

How do I start meeting with a tutor?

To start meeting with your tutor, simply add Unlimited Tutoring to your cart, and complete the checkout process. Afterwards, you will receive an immediate confirmation email with detailed instructions for getting started.

You can immediately start our Create-your-own Study Plan Course, which will walk you through developing a rough draft study plan using the Study Plan Spreadsheet.

After that, you can schedule a Study Plan Advising Session at your convenience so that you can discuss your study plan with one of our Elite Tutors in a one-on-one setting.

How often will I meet with a tutor? How does scheduling a session work?

The great thing about our program is that it offers you the flexibility to study at your own pace and on your own schedule. You do not need to meet with an Elite Tutor at the same time every week for a set number of weeks. You are able to choose any available tutoring slot from any tutor’s online calendar, whether that slot is two months from now or two days from now. You choose the time that works for you! Students love having this flexibility.

Is there any way to meet in person with my tutor?

All of our Study Plan Advising Sessions are conducted online, and our students find this to be just as effective, if not more effective, than meeting in person. Students really enjoy the fact that they can visit with their tutor without having to ever leave their apartment!

What materials will I receive as part of this tutoring program?

As soon as you enroll in Unlimited Tutoring, you will receive immediate and free access to all of the following:
  • Our MCAT Video Collection, which covers ALL the MCAT topics as listed by the AAMC.
  • All ten of our online content modules (Biology I, Physics II, etc) as well as MCAT Bootcamp with customization.
  • Create-your-own Study Plan Course, which includes our Create-your-own Study Plan Spreadsheet and Score Tracker.

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