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  • Ming-Yeah Hu

    Ming-Yeah Hu

    Tutoring Profile

  • MCAT Score

    99th Percentile

  • Undergraduate GPA


  • Undergraduate Studies

    University and Honors Scholar at UConn, Double Majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology and Allied Health Sciences

  • Special Expertise

    Second-year medical student; 100th percentile in Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior; 99th percentile in Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems

  • Medical Education

    MS2 at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

  • In-person Availability

    All of Mingโ€™s sessions are conducted online via video call

More About Ming-Yeah

Hi everyone! My name Ming and I canโ€™t wait to share my tips with you to help you prepare for the MCAT. Taking the MCAT is a nerve-racking and trying experience. The point of the test is to challenge you, and I believe that I have some great advice and techniques that will help you conquer this challenge and show the admissions committees that you can be successful in a stressful setting.

When I was first introduced to the MCAT Self Prep eCourse, I had barely done any content review because the huge amount of material on the exam intimidated me. With the eCourseโ€™s organized modules and plentiful videos on all topics covered on the exam, it was easy to tackle specific topics I knew I needed more review on. I started my studying off by trying to watch a few videos each day during small breaks I had in my schedule, which eventually motivated me to do more and more studying as time went on. Soon, the amount of material on the exam did not seem as daunting. I am positive that with the right plan, you too will feel confident about your MCAT prep!

Outside of classes, I am passionate about research, patient care, school spirit, and the community. In undergrad, I was involved in regenerative engineering research, worked as a Personal Care Assistant and Certified Nursing Assistant, was on the UConn cheerleading team, and more. Because I missed school for cheerleading, double majored, and was involved in many things, I have experience with how to effectively prepare for the MCAT with a busy schedule.

I am currently in my second year of medical school at UCLA. I have learned so much on the way here through my own experiences and the experiences of my peers. I'm so excited to share my knowledge - including the things that I wish I did or knew during the process - on how to prepare for the MCAT and medical school in general. Finally, I know that everyone has unique schedules, learning styles, backgrounds, and goals, so I will make sure that the plan we create together fits your personal needs the best. I look forward to working together!

If you are interested in working with me, simply scroll down and sign up for the tutoring package of your choice. Or, if you have some questions before signing up, feel free to reach out for a free 10-minute phone consultation using the form at the very bottom of the page.

I'm looking forward to talking with you soon!

Warm regards,
Ming ๐Ÿ™‚

Hear What Ming's Students are Saying About Her

  • โ€œMing has really helped me improve my confidence, as well as material on the exam. She was intelligent, smart, flexible, and patient. I struggled a great deal with test-taking in general and approaching the passages. She had the ability to explain complex problems in a simple, easy way to understand them. She taught me how to properly approach each question and not to get hung up on each detail. She also added links and images, so I could learn more each question. Overall, my score increased tremendously, but just as importantly, I felt more prepared and confident in my abilities."



  • โ€œMing has provided careful guidance for complex application-related concerns. She provided the blueprint for my MCAT study plan. Her explanations of basic science are concise but comprehensive. Moreover, the outcome of everything for which I've sought Ming's advice or feedback has been favorable. Her guidanceโ€”ethically drivenโ€”enabled me to obtain multiple shadowing offers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her assistance with resume organization helped me secure a higher paying clinical position with my first-choice employer than the one for which I applied. More generally, Ming is an expert listener, which maximizes session productivity."



  • "Ming was very helpful in my studying process. When I first started working with her, I was very overwhelmed with the amount of seemingly endless content that I needed to memorize. She helped me craft a study plan that eventually allowed me to score 26 points higher on my best practice exam than on my diagnostic exam and a 523 on exam day! Moreover, she helped me gain test day confidence that I didn't have when I first started working with her. She was always very responsive to emails and was great at answering questions. I highly recommend Ming for anyone who needs help making a great study plan!"


  • With the tutoring program, Tommy increased his score from a 504 to a 519 on test day! Here is what he says: "Ming is a terrific tutor! I especially enjoyed working with her through several difficult AAMC science passages and thinking through the logic and how to increase comprehension. Ming always gave very helpful tips and encouraged me each step of the way. Ming was always very responsive. I really appreciated her quick response times to any e-mail I sent her, whether about MCAT preparations or medical school admissions. Ming helped me tremendously with my personal statement and I credit her for getting me past a difficult hurdle in regards to the paragraph layout of my statement. I highly recommend Ming as an MCAT tutor and as a medical school application advisor as well."



  • "Ming-Yeah was an excellent tutor who helped me improve my score from a 502 to a 512 in just one month! I struggled with the chem/phys section, but Ming-Yeah took the time to work through passages with me and help me develop a successful strategy. Ming-Yeahโ€™s patience and quick math strategies helped me improve 10 points in just five sessions!โ€



  • "Having Ming as a tutor gave me so much confidence as I approached studying for the MCAT. Ming demonstrated her belief in my abilities by taking the time to explain confusing concepts and going over all of my questions one by one through easy to schedule and flexible, accommodating online meetings. She also helped me organize my study schedule and made sure I did not feel overwhelmed with material by keeping me focused on the bigger picture. I previously struggled with approaching the questions properly but with her help I went from a 503 on my AAMC diagnostic exam to a 513 on my AAMC practice tests. She was always prepared for every tutoring session and she provided me with tons of useful material, charts, diagrams, and explanations. She even kept in touch with me beyond scheduled tutoring sessions by phone! Ming is truly a kind and caring person; I am so glad she was my tutor for this monstrous exam and I am confident that Ming would be a great help to any MCAT-taking aspiring medical student just like she helped me!"



  • "Ming-Yeah was an absolute joy to work with during my MCAT journey. She was always encouraging and very thorough in her explanations of complex MCAT questions. Her ability to explain the ins and outs of difficult topics and passages and her flexibility with the scheduling of tutoring schedules was impressive. She was very intentional about making sure that the topics she was explaining were completely understood before moving forward. I would highly recommend Ming-Yeah as a tutor if you hope to obtain a competitive score on the MCAT. As a result of her tutelage, I was recently accepted into the University of Michigan Medical School for the upcoming school year. She's the best, hands down!"



  • "Ming-Yeah helped me raise my score from a 498 to a 513 on my practice exams! I struggled with strategy and the difficult concepts on the chem/phys and bio/biochem sections and Ming-Yeah was able to help me improve my approach. In the past I have worked with tutors that didnโ€™t take the time to understand why I was struggling, but Ming-Yeah patiently listened to my concerns and developed strategies that were individualized to my weaknesses. Ming-Yeahโ€™s encouragement, knowledge, and genuine desire for my success helped me feel confident on test day! With her help, I was also able to get accepted early decision to my top medical school!"



  • "Having Ming as a tutor was hands down the best resource I used during my MCAT preparations. She walked me through every problem I missed in a stepwise manner, allowing me to identify my wrong answer pathologies and focus on improving my weakest areas. Ming was especially good at presenting old concepts in a new way that helped me to have a better grasp on difficult passages. After five weeks of working with Ming, I increased my score from a 499 to a 510! If you feel like you have reached a plateau in your study process, I highly recommend giving tutoring with Ming a try, it will help you master the concepts you need to be successful on test day.



  • "Ming-Yeah was a kind and supportive tutor who helped me raise my score from a 507 to a 512 in only 2 sessions. She helped me figure out what test-taking strategies worked best for me. She is not only knowledgeable but she also great at helping you put information into context with other things you need to know for the MCAT, and therefore solidifying your knowledge all around. She knows the exam inside and out. I really appreciate how much time and effort she put into our sessions. I highly recommend her to everyone."



  • "Ming was a phenomenal tutor! She helped me create a fantastic and realistic study plan, gave me focused and targeted study tips for the areas where I needed improvement, and kept me accountable when my motivation waned when studying for this absolute beast of a standardized test. I knew that I had potential for the MCAT but I struggled to see improvement with my weak spots in C/P and P/S. With Ming's help, I jumped from a 510 to a 517! So grateful for her help and excited to apply to my dream schools!"


  • "Ming was the perfect tutor for me. She was extremely patient, understanding, and knowledgeable about the MCAT. I appreciate the time and effort she puts into the study portal along with her patience in explaining difficult MCAT concepts to me. I felt more confident in conquering the MCAT with every single study session with Ming. In the beginning, I struggled with the Psych/Sociology portion of the MCAT, but Ming provided me with useful tips that eventually led to a 4-point increase in my score for that section. If youโ€™re looking for a tutor to help with an increase in your score, choose Ming."



  • "When I took my second half-length after a couple of months of content review, I was devastated to see the resulting score at 497. I felt hopeless about getting my score up to a competitive number. Ming assured me that if I stayed dedicated to the personalized study routine she helped me create, I would see results. I really struggled with test-taking strategies, and Ming helped me tackle each issue. In addition to explaining concepts or challenging practice questions with plenty of detail, Ming walked me through countless practice passages and questions to teach me how to effectively read passages, how to narrow down answer options, and how to use passage information to help answer questions. She also gave me tips on how to deal with time management. I went from scrambling to finish each section to having time left over to check my answers! Mingโ€™s constant motivation and positivity kept me going, and the week before my MCAT I scored a 511 on a practice full length! I highly recommend Ming to anyone who needs help organizing a study plan, understanding challenging topics, or improving test-taking strategies!"


  • "When working with Ming, I was able to utilize her stress-free, common-sense approach to my weakest sections. My confidence level has soared tremendously while attacking challenging passages. With Ming's help, I was able to raise my bio/biochem score from the 52nd percentile to the 85th percentile in less than 2 sessions. Her patience and warm personality gave me the reassurance to ask any questions that I needed without feeling anxiety and tension. I was especially appreciative of the fact that she was willing to help me online as well as offline which showed that she really cared about boosting students' scores!"


  • "Although I was less than a month away from my scheduled MCAT exam, Ming was able to structure my daily schedule and meet with me to cover high yield topics. I was able to put any topic or practice passage question in an online portal before our tutoring sessions, where Ming would give thorough explanations and links to further solidify my understanding. Then we would meet to go over strategies or work out a passage together, which proved to be very useful in my being able to tackle similar passages. During these sessions, Ming was able to give me key strategies, like timing and how to approach each question before reading the answers, that I was able to hone in on leading up to test day. Ming is very knowledgeable about the material and flexible with her scheduling, I wish I found her sooner in my preparations!"



  • "Working with Ming helped me a lot not only with improving my score but with my confidence. She helped me go over an appropriate study plan, answered my questions in detail before and during our meetings and helping me pinpoint some areas to improve on. She was also available to answer quick questions over text and always made me feel like she was available to help. She helped me with my confidence in taking the test. I emphasize confidence because for the longest time even believing I can answer the questions and understand the complicated science passages did not seem like a possible feat. Ming helped me focus on how to dissect the passage and locate necessary information, within an appropriate time frame. Itโ€™s stressful as a student to figure out if a resource or tutor is the right investment when faced with a problem especially because I knew I needed someone to help me over the hump. Using MCATSELFPREP and Mingโ€™s help was the right investment to help me move past my roadblock."


  • "Working with Ming has been so helpful to my MCAT preparation. She helped my score go up each time I took a practice test. Not only did she help me learn how to manage my time properly for the test, but she also always sent me resources to look at outside of our lessons and always included visuals of topics she was explaining to me. As a visual learner, this was a huge help to me. She always made sure that I knew she was only a text or call away, if I had any questions. I highly recommend tutoring with Ming!"



  • "Ming was wonderful from the very beginning - she immediately asked me what I was hoping to achieve as I started my MCAT prep and gave me realistic goals. Ming answered each of my questions with detailed answers, charts, graphs, pictures, and many other resources. What I believe makes Ming unique is that she doesnโ€™t take cookie-cutter answers from Google to help you, she truly articulates the answer in a way that makes sense to the individual, which was very helpful. In comparison to other tutors, she was flexible with her time and accommodated both of our schedules. Above all else, Ming was exceptionally kind, which makes a difference when you are constantly stressed and studying for a huge test, such as the MCAT. I would highly recommend Ming if you are looking for someone personable and very intelligent."


  • "Ming was very friendly and easy to work with. She helped me come up with strategies for improving my timing with Chemistry, Physics, and Biology science passages. I was able to develop a game-plan for answering tough questions and for not getting tripped-up by sneaky answer options. Using the reading comprehension strategies of visualization and prediction, I now feel a lot more confident in tackling the tough science passages on the MCAT."



  • โ€œMing-Yeah is a one of a kind tutor who excels in teaching science concepts as she ensures her students understand the first steps of the concept before moving on. Moreover, she does not simply explain the material and makes me explain everything back to her to make sure I understand what she is teaching. Her style of teaching is effective and efficient, and she really wants her students to perform well. She is a hard- working individual who works great with others, and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their MCAT results.โ€



  • โ€œMing-Yeah is a smart and talented student and instructor. As an honors dual degree biology student and Amgen Scholar, I am accustomed to being surrounded by some of the brightest collegiate minds, especially in the pre-med and medical field, but Ming- Yeah strikes me as above and beyond most. On many occasions, I have turned to her when I needed clarification or instruction on a particular topic, and she was able to consistently break down even the most advanced of concepts into smaller, easy to understand bits, allowing me to quickly grasp the idea and utilize it in the future. In addition to being a fountain of knowledge, Ming-Yeah is exceptional at teaching problem-solving abilities, which is extremely helpful for exams like the MCAT, and her likeable personality makes her extraordinarily easy to work with. I highly recommend Ming-Yeah as a tutor only if youโ€™re looking to work with the absolute best to prepare yourself for the MCAT exam and the rest of your life.โ€



  • โ€œMy name is Jalia and I am a previous tutee of Ming-Yeah. Ming-Yeah is an exceptional tutor with a lot to offer. Ming-Yeah was able to break down science concepts that I initially could not grasp, and she did so in such an enjoyable fashion. She never got frustrated when I did not understand, rather she was able to manipulate the concepts to make them easier and more understandable. Compared to tutors that I have had in the past for other science classes such as chemistry and biology, Ming-Yeah has been the most successful in helping me gain long-term knowledge of all the information. It is without question that I would recommend anyone trying to do great on their MCAT to utilize Ming-Yeah as their tutor.โ€



  • โ€œI really enjoyed having Ming as a tutor! She is great at breaking down difficult science topics and explaining them in a way that anyone can understand. Ming has great study techniques, and gave me guidance to improve my own studying, which lead to my grades improving drastically. I believe that Ming would be a phenomenal MCAT tutor, and anyone looking to improve their scores will be thoroughly pleased with how Ming works!โ€



  • โ€œMing-Yeah is arguably the most intelligent person I know. She demonstrates strong understanding of a wide range of topics, particularly in the hard sciences. She commands academic material and, most importantly, can easily and swiftly make that material understandable for others. Her personality is streamlined for tutoring as well - she is friendly, warm, and supportive, always choosing to offer encouragement to others who are struggling and asking for help. If anyone has Ming as a personal tutor for the MCAT, I can only imagine how much more prepared for the exam they will be. I highly recommend Ming for tutoring in any scientific discipline.โ€



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Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan is right for me?

If you are not sure which plan is right for you, simply request a free consultation with Andrew and he will point you in the right direction. He’s worked with hundreds of students and knows what you’ll need to achieve your goal in your unique situation.

What are sessions like?

Each Elite Tutoring session will include the following:

Meticulous Preparation.ย Before the session even starts, your tutor will look through your Study Portal as they prepare an individualized lesson plan.

Pivotal Adjustments.ย At the beginning of each hourlong session, your Premium Elite Tutor will examine your progress and help you adjust your study plan using the Study Plan Spreadsheet.

Individualized Training.ย Your Premium Elite Tutor will spend the bulk of the session focused on teaching you the strategies and content that address your exact needs.

Can a tutor help me with my study plan?

Our Elite Tutors’ primary focus is on helping you know what and how to study in order to achieve MCAT success. They understand that having an effective study plan is the number one determining factor regarding whether you will reach your goal MCAT score. For this reason, they will focus on helping you develop and follow a customized study plan unique to your needs. They all scored in the 97th+ percentile using the MCAT Self Prep Program, so they know what it takes to achieve MCAT success.

Will Elite Tutoring help me during my final month of MCAT studying?

Yes! The final month of studying is actually the best time to take advantage of Elite Tutoring. You will be doing many full-length practice exams during your final month, and your Elite Tutor can review the toughest passages and questions with you. Study Plan Advising is also extremely helpful as you try to decide what and how to study during the final month. Students find that working with someone who has already conquered the exam to be very reassuring during the most stressful period of studying.

I need help with the CARS section. Can an Elite Tutor help me with that?

Yes! Our Elite Tutors are trained to help you with every section of the MCAT.

How do I start meeting with a tutor?

To start meeting with your tutor, simply add Elite Tutoring to your cart, and complete the checkout process. Afterwards, you will receive an immediate confirmation email with detailed instructions for getting started.

You can immediately start our Create-your-own Study Plan Course, which will walk you through developing a rough draft study plan using the Study Plan Spreadsheet.

After that, you can schedule a your first at your convenience so that you can discuss your study plan with one of our Elite Tutors in a one-on-one setting.

How often will I meet with a tutor? How does scheduling a session work?

The great thing about our program is that it offers you the flexibility to study at your own pace and on your own schedule. You do not need to meet with your tutor at the same time every week for a set number of weeks. You are able to choose any available tutoring slot from your tutor’s calendar, whether that slot is two months from now or two days from now. You choose the time that works for you! Students love having this flexibility.

Is there any way to meet in person with my tutor?

All of our tutoring sessions are conducted online, and our students find this to be just as effective, if not more effective, than meeting in person. Students really enjoy the fact that they can visit with their tutor without having to ever leave their apartment!

Can I defer my payment or pay in increments over time?

Yes! At the checkout page, you can selectย Pay Over Time. Many students who are looking to avoid paying upfront really enjoy this Pay in Four option. It allows you to get started on any premium package for only 25% paid up front. This payment plan will automatically charge the outstanding balance in 25% increments monthly (30 days, 60 days, and 90 days), and it’s completely interest free!

Can I schedule sessions before my payment plan is paid off?

Yes! You can begin scheduling tutoring sessions right away after signing up. But keep in mind that we will suspend your account and postpone all remaining tutoring sessions if your recurring payment fails at any time. If you plan to change your billing method during your payment plan period, please keep your information up-to-date in your billing accountย  to avoid losing access.

What materials will I receive as part of this tutoring program?

As soon as you enroll in Elite Tutoring, you will receive immediate and free access to all of the following:
  • Our MCAT Video Collection, which covers ALL the MCAT topics as listed by the AAMC.
  • All ten of our online content modules (Biology I, Physics II, etc) as well as MCAT Bootcamp with customization.
  • Create-your-own Study Plan Course, which includes our Create-your-own Study Plan Spreadsheet and Score Tracker.

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