• Garrett Bourne

    Garrett Bourne

    Tutoring Profile

  • MCAT Score

    97th Percentile Overall (Scored Above the 90th Percentile in Every Section)

  • Undergraduate GPA


  • Undergraduate Studies

    Biochemistry Major

  • Medical Education

    Applying/Interviewing for MD programs; Currently Receiving Secondaries from Top Schools such as Dartmouth and Georgetown

  • Special Expertise

    Practice Question Writer and Editor for MCAT Self Prep and Testing Solutions; Award Winning Chemistry Teaching Assistant; Scored 99th Percentile on the Chemistry/Physics Section

  • In-person Availability

    Although most of Garrett’s sessions are conducted online via video call, he is currently available to meet with students on-campus at BYU

More About Garrett

Hey! I’m Garrett and I am incredibly excited to help you on your way to killing the MCAT! I am currently in the middle of the 2018 medical school application cycle and am already hearing some great news from some top schools such as Dartmouth and Georgetown! As a member of two really large extended families, the oldest of 38 younger cousins, I have always been surrounded by younger children. This has inspired me to one day enter the field of pediatrics. I hope to devote my life to helping make sure all the little guys out there stay healthy and happy.
I have multiple years of teaching experience and have loved every second of it. In fact, if I hadn’t decided to go into medicine I would most likely have entered the field of teaching. As a student myself, I know the value of a good teacher. When I teach, I try to be everything that I look for in a good teacher. Part of that is applying the material to each individual student. After all, we are all different and we all learn in different ways. I enjoy spending time to get to know my students so I can understand how they best learn and apply the material to their lives.
I started my MCAT journey about a year ago with the Founder and CEO of MCAT Self Prep, Andrew George, as my personal tutor and mentor. And as with many pre-med students, I realized that certain areas of my medical school application weren’t quite as stellar as I would have liked. For me, the problem was my GPA. Although not terrible, my 3.70 GPA definitely didn’t have the “wow factor” that I desired. Due to this, I knew I needed to get an incredible MCAT score to keep my application competitive. I followed the MCAT Self Prep eCourse religiously and put in the effort required to understand the MCAT both forwards and backwards. The result? An incredibly competitive score come test day (Click here to see me open my MCAT score for the first time)! If you are looking for a stellar MCAT score and want to study with someone who knows the test like the back of their hand, then come study with me. I’m confident we can work together to get you the score you want!
Although I absolutely love tutoring, I still manage to make time for a couple hobbies on the side. I am an avid runner who is always looking for a good race. I’ve spent the last few years doing lots of trail running including competing in a couple ultra marathons. I recently decided to shorten the distance a bit and try my hand at a regular marathon with the hope of qualifying for Boston. When I’m not running you will probably either find me with my nose in a book or with Nike’s on my feet pretending I know what I’m doing on a basketball court.
Again, I am really excited to begin tutoring with you. I understand the process of studying for the MCAT can be an incredibly overwhelming experience, and I promise to go out of my way to make sure we change that stressful feeling into one of confidence. I will help you develop your own individualized study plan so that you can stay on top of the test and get the score you want! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or to request a free 10-minute phone consultation using the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes,

Garrett Bourne

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