With CARS, I recommend practicing the skill that will earn you points on test day — the skill of reading comprehension (as explained in my Free CARS Strategy Session).

The skill of struggling with non-AAMC CARS questions will not help you on test day, and in fact, it may hinder your performance since you will get used to a questioning style not used by the people who wrote the test, the AAMC. Instead, I recommend using non-AAMC passages to practice proven comprehension strategies.

In my Ultimate CARS Strategy Course, you’ll learn 10 proven comprehension strategies and receive access to over 1,000 free CARS passages that can be used on over 100 homework assignments. The homework assignments will help you practice on passages in a way that will improve your reading comprehension skills, resulting in a direct boost to your CARS score.

In summary, instead of spending 80-percent of your study time taking and reviewing poor-quality, non-AAMC CARS practice questions, I suggest spending 100-percent of your study time practicing on CARS passages in a way that will increase your reading comprehension skills.