Our eCourse features two Behavioral Science Content Modules. These modules help you master the content through videos, content review book reading assignments, and our Quizlet Flashcard Collection. Learning as much as you can from these Content Modules should be your first priority when it comes to conquering the Behavioral Science section.

The Behavioral Science Booster Course is meant to act as a supplement to the two Behavioral Science Content Modules. It features 100-pages of notes that outline the definitions for every term contained in the Khan Academy video collection. These terms/definitions can easily be studied using the Quizlet sets included with the course. The reason I see this as a helpful way to boost your score on the Behavioral Science Section (after having already learned as much as possible through the studying of the 2 Behavioral Science Content Modules) is because the Behavioral Science section often focuses on the nit-picky definition of one term versus another. This course will prepare you for this aspect of the exam through a careful examination of all the definitions side-by-side.

In summary, I strongly suggest learning the two Behavioral Science Content Modules inside and out and then using the Behavioral Science Booster Course as a supplement to “boost” your score to the next level.

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