The Quizlet Flashcards embedded within each lesson of the Content Modules come as part of the Advanced or Deluxe Pro Plans. Immediately after your purchase, you should have received an order confirmation via email with 3-step instructions for accessing the Quizlet Flashcards. You’ll need to carefully follow these instructions exactly. If you didn’t receive an email confirmation, you can always view your order confirmation by hovering over “My Account” in the top right corner of any page, clicking on “My Purchases” and then viewing your order summary.

If you are having trouble accessing Quizlet flashcards that come with a Memorization Course (i.e. Amino Acid Mastery Course, Behavioral Science Booster Course, etc), you can find the instructions for accessing these by going to the eCourse Homepage, scrolling down and clicking on the Memorization Course, and then following the 3-step instructions for accessing the Quizlet sets on the main page of the course.

If you’ve carefully followed the 3-step instructions for accessing a Quizlet set and are still unable to access them, please shoot me an email with your Quizlet username so that I can manually add you in.