This course is organized into 5 simple lessons:

  1. A Study Plan Just for You. This first lesson will provide you with a detailed overview of the course.
  2. Taking Your First Diagnostic Exam. In this lesson, you will take a diagnostic exam composed of official practice questions from the AAMC. This will give you a solid idea of where you are starting from.
  3. Setting Your MCAT Goal. Using the score you achieved on the diagnostic exam and a knowledge of which medical schools you are aiming for, I will help you set an appropriate goal MCAT score.
  4. Making Your Study Schedule. Using the Study Plan Spreadsheet, I will help you determine how many total hours you will need to study in order to achieve your goal. We will then organize those study hours into a detailed timeline.
  5. Carefully Reviewing Your First Diagnostic Exam. I will provide you with a step-by-step exam review procedure that you should use every time you review a practice exam. After this lesson, you will be completely ready to start following your study plan to MCAT success! 🙂